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PLEASE post product queries in the relevant forum! Links below....

This General Veritas forum is for 'general Veritas topics', NOT for product-related queries.If you post here, your product-related query may not be seen for days.... or weeks! Please find product forums here for best possible visibility: Protection: ...

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Update NIS 2010 offline

   I have NIS 2010 and want to update it. I have an internet connection that is not so fast and it would not be possible for me to update NIS as the first update is huge. So I wanted to use another PC with a high internet connection to download full ...

Heetesh by Not applicable
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turning off "corporate edition" bubble

I am a private computer user afflicted with the small "corporate edition" bubble which comes on each with each boot-up. How do I turn this off permanently, I have no interest in te corporated edition. Thanks, Vern

PartnerNet Internal License Program Form Issues

Hi I'm trying to get some software through the internal license program as part of PartnerNet. We are a Platinum Partner however when I have selected this in the form it says that there is no products available for the selected partner type, this is...

Back up Exec grace period

Please verify if Backup Exec or Availability products has a grace period. I believe Endpoint or security products have 30 day grace period and that Availability products has none. When licenses expires, it expires at the given date, can still back-up...

erlyn by Not applicable
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Resolved! Monitor Logs

I am trying to clear out the infected status of the PCs in a log list in Monitors.  Is there a way to clear multiple PCs of the infected status?  Right now I can only clear one device at a time.  I tried clicking on one and the holding down the shift...


After wiping-out my primary hard drive (C:), and then restoring it, how do I get the new copy of Norton Save & Restore 2.0 to reconize that I have made previous backups on an external drive.  Now, I would like to restore things like my address book, ...

Prices Comparison: NetBackup-Legato-TSM-Comvault

Hi Guys,    We have some opportunities in the market and I would like to know where to find value info about prices comparisons, like Gartner or something like that, so we can do a good sales process here.    I really appreciate your help and I exc...

How to add ghost image to Windows PE.

Hi My Freinds, I made an image for a computer using Ghost2k3. My customer want to make a DVD which can boot and restore the image automatically. I used to make a DOS bootable and put ghost2k3 and images on same DVD, but I could not find DVD ROM ( AH...

Resolved! Internet Explorer 8 problems with Nortons

Can someone help me?  Keep getting "The following updates have been aborted:  Norton AntiVirus Internet Worm Protection Signature Updates has 1 aborted update(s).  Reason: LU1845: This product was not updated due to a processing error."  Tried solu...

Resolved! Duda: politicas / replicacion

Buenos días, Tenia un par de dudas en cuanto al "instalador de AV" y "replicacion de servidores" (Si tengo que abrir 2 post, me lo decis que no pasa nada) 1.- En cuanto al instalador de AV; queria saber si tiene alguna funcion el antivirus con todas ...

JCSR by Level 2
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Resolved! Recommended Method for Install

well i have my test machine working fairly well now with SEPRU5.  updates are current,etc. now, i'm wondering what the best way is to implement this.  i read on the docs that it is NOT recommend to run it on a WinXP box.  due to lack of connections....

swixt by Level 4
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HELP! Re-downloading Norton?

Okay. Situation: Paid for and downloaded Norton for Mac a few months ago. Problem: Hard drive died a few weeks ago, I lost everything including my Norton. Question: How do I get my Norton back on my Mac without paying for it again?

Suspicious.vundo.2/Rootkit Help!?

I have been having trouble with Suspicious.vundo.2. at first it was a bunch of fke anti virus pop ups now i try to remove it and it didnt work i search on the other topics and dowloaded the recommended malware remover but for some reason my computer ...

Resolved! SEP Certs?

Since my company has invested in SEP, I'm wondering if there are any certifications that I can go for? I'm interested in gaining as much knowledge about SEPM/SEP as possible.

_r___ by Level 6
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Could I please get some help?

I have been trying to restore an old computer ( it is still on dial up) so I can put it on DSL & update it.  (Not this computer)  I bought a virus protector  Norton Professional 2001 new, installed it, registered it but I can't download the huge upda...

Resolved! How to disable popup

Hello, I've got the Norton Internet Security 2010 programm. I get a lot of mail. But everytime there appears a popup in the right corner with for example this message: This happenes every 5 seconds or so. When this happenes I can't type anymore a...

Elsy by Not applicable
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Hi there i got norton utilities 2 days ago when i renewed my antivirus online. i installed utilities but it wont runanyone got any advice on how to get it to work?

cloverdog by Not applicable
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