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Migrate NBU appliance used in remote sites from a global shared Netbackup management server.

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I am more of a networker admin with working knowledge and regular admin hands on with Netbackup/DD/Tape (except NBU Appliance).

I have a task at hand to setup a solution for remote ofice backups with Local Netbackup appliances (with latest backup copies-which get repliacted to media servers offsite) being managed from a single master server (its a shared service server with other clients NBU infra being managed) 

Now we have to create new master server and media server(in azure for offsite replication) to manage a dedicated client's NBU remote infra.

My understanding, need your comments/suggestions:

1) is it a straight forward build of regular Master server and add the respective remote office NBU appliance as media server (if its current role is a media server)- In this scenario do we need to decom the appliance from old Master server and then reconfigure preserving backup data (liek floow the Appliance Decommissioning and Reconfiguration Guide)

2) Just add NBU Administration console on a windows machine (if the remote office NBU appliance is a Master/Media server)

If any error in my articulation, do excuse me !


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Apologies for the lack of response, but maybe other forum members are just as confused as I am. 


I am battling to understand what the current config looks like, and what the planned config should be. 

Do you have any diagrams of existing and planned config? 

Hi Marianne,

Firstly, Happy new year to you and all the members of the forum !

My bad, I couldn't get back any sooner :(

I need suggestion on proposing a replication solution for few remote offices !

As is setup:

Master/media server with MSDP (using local storage for most sites, few with DAS).

NAS or CIFS space provision is void as they are not supported with MSDP. Unfortunately SAN is not possble to be extended from central location to the remote offices.