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Resolved! OpsCenter error 10939

Hi,I'm triying to add a new appliance (5240 2.7.3) to Opscenter (8.0) and when I put the credentials to add appears the next error:OpsCenter-10939:Connection to the specified NetBackup Master Server was not established. Enter the valid NetBackup user...

Arturo_Lopez by Level 5
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Uncontrollable backlog size

Hi guys,I´m experiencing a lot of problems with the backlog in my enviroment, the current size is 523082795 MB (127137 images), all slp are like this:- Backup- duplication to tape- duplication to replication appliance - replication (to remote applian...

slp1.PNG slp2.PNG slp3.PNG
AndresV by VIP
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Unable to login 5330 Appliance media server

We are not able to login 5330 media server as root file system is full.While trying to login to clean up for space, it is giving below error.And Maintenance password is working.Can someone please advise on this how to proceede.XXXXXXXXX.Support> Main...

zeelan by Level 1
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MSDP script help - where the duplication rate

From the appliance splash screen of any appliace there is a duplication ratio. One of hours is showing 92.34% - thats excellent.The MSDP report shows great information incuding - Total Capacity(MB), Used Space (MB), Free Space (MB)Please does anyone ...

Tim_S1 by Level 1
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Resolved! what are the steps for using MSDP Encryption

Hello,We have Netbackup Appliance 5240. I am trying to figure out what are the steps to configure MSDP encryption? I have read  "MSDP encryption" guide and it says that by default MSDP encryption is disabled. You could modify  pd.conf on the client i...

Lev5240 by Level 3
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NBU appliances and VXFS silent data corruption

Hello Please get familiar with this TN and apply these EEBs ASAP. Quotation form that TN"Resolving silent data corruption on NetBackup AppliancesProblemA VxFS issue may cause silent data corruption on NetBackup appliances with the following software ...

quebek by Moderator
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Appliance version 3.1.1 (NBU Version 8.1.1)?

Has anyone upgraded to Appliance Version 3.1.1 (NetBackup version 8.1.1)?  We are running 8.1 / 3.1, and are thinking about applying the new version soon, wondering whether people have had good experiences with the new version.

bak by Level 4
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Resolved! 5330 expansion shelf, 10TB META partition unusable?

I just installed a expansion shelf for our 5330 appliance and expanded the msdp partition. But i am trying to understand what to do with the automaticly created meta volume.  Since the primary shelf already has a meta partition for the msdp catalog w...

AndHed by Level 2
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Reset NetBackup 5240 appliance admin account password

New installation of 5240 appliance. Could not login to CLISH or SSH using default password for "admin". At this moment only IPMI accessible. Can't login to clish from IPMI or via ssh. Also tried from web GUI no luck. Is there a way to login to the ap...

DPO by Level 6
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SAN Mode Transport

Hi All,We have a request to perform disk of Home Server sizing in terms of > 5 TB. So, we choose a SAN Transport mode to perfomr backup of it.But I have a concern when we setup a vmware policy in NBU under backup selection we couldn't not make a sele...