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Resolved! Netbackup and vCenter: Failed VM backup

Good day to all. I am new to Netbackup appliance, i would like to ask help how to fix the VM policy which failed to backup my VMs via vCenter 5.5. Configuration that I did are; 1. Netbackup Appliance 5230 and NBU, configured as Mas...

Czar by Not applicable
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Resolved! Unable to connect to CIFS share on 5230 appliance

I have enabled the incoming_patches share on the NetBackup 5230 appliance, but I cannot open it.  I am unable to authenticate, even though I know that I am entering the correct username and password.  What is the domain that should be supplied in the...

Resolved! Netbackup appliance 5220 Fan failure error

Hi All,  Can someone please guide on the below alert i have received today not sure If I need to escalate Symantec support to check it.    +-------+ | Enclosure 1 Fan Information | |+-----+| ||ID | Status | Speed | LowWaterMark | State | Ackn...

Arsalan_2k by Level 4
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Unable to add robot

I recently deleted our HP ELM E-series Tape Robot, in an attempt to troubleshoot issues with a failed self test prior to upgrading to the latest version of netbackup. The troubleshooting steps I was following said to simply remove the robot and then ...

Resolved! Appliance traps snmp

Hi, Recently we have two new appliances 5230 and in the integration with the supervision system we will need to test the SNMP traps. I read the documentation and I don't found nothing about to send a test trap to test SNMP. How i can test the SNMP ...

Arturo_Lopez by Level 5
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Resolved! RHEL on Appliances instead of Suse?

Hi all, It has already been mentioned before in one of the threads below: Apparently the Suse installations on Netbackup Appliances will be replaced by Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Supposedly, this is also the reason that 2.7 is not available ...

mange disk space

Hi,  one of our Symantec Appliance, having very low disk space capacity. overall of 4TB, that only 2TB is available , we are having  weekly, monthly and yearly full back up and daily incremental backup.  Each weekly fully backup take over 30% of dis...

Resolved! Run netbackup command from appliance

Hi all, I want to know if it possible to run netbackup command from 5220 in master/media mode ? When I'm trying via SSH, support, maintenance elevate, i've got this advertise : "Permission Denied. Access to root account requires overriding the Sym...

AntBar by Level 5
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Symantec 5230 - AIR - Network Traffic

I have a question regarding data flow in the following environment: 3 sites, each a seperate NBU domain with a 5230 appliance and multiple windows servers (2K8R2 & 2K12R2) I use AIR to replicate backups between the sites   1 scenario is as follow...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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Resolved! Appliance 5230- Raid 1

we have a Aplliance 5230 at version It has two storage shelves attached to it. Now in GUI I can see , there are 4 enclosers with ID 99, 252, 41, 24. Enclosure 41 & 24 are of size approx 36 Tb and 252 is of approx 4 TB. If I am not worng ...

NBU35 by Level 6
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Exchange 2010 backup fails code 4207

Hello. I have a serious problem with Exchange Information Store backup. The last weekend one of the storage log was full, so we had to remove txt log files by hand. After that, all Incremental backup jobs have failed with status code 4207. On Mond...

Resolved! Backup all Hyper-V guest machines on a host

We have NetBackup Appliance based infrastructure. I would like to add all Hyper-V VMs to NBU policy so that we don’t have to select the guests indovidually. For example, If a guest is added on Hyper-V which is already being backed-up thought...

Itegral by Level 6
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Netbackup Appliance Mail Issues FIXED

The Mail Issues that everyone is having with netbackup appliance is fixed in, but breaks the email fix. Has anyone else experience this Has stated in their release notes   SMTP server settings for appliance notifications Starting...