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Netbackup jobs fail with error 84

hello, it seems my media server(netbackup MSDP is broken/corrupt. all jobs are failing with error 84 and when running: PS C:\Program Files\Veritas\pdde> .\crcontrol --getmode Mode : GET=Yes PUT=No DEREF=No SYSTEM=Yes STORAGED=No REROUTE=No ...

florin_s by Level 4
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Resolved! MSDP Pool Down

So spoold just crashed and I am unable to get it back up. I was just wondering if anyone else had seen anything like this. The Environment is Win 2k3 64 on Here are the seamingly relavant log entries from spoold. Any help is appriciated. Tha...

Resolved! MSDP Always busy

I am trying to do some upgrades to the firmware and drivers on a server containing a MSDP. Being new to NetBackup I recently took a different pool down, most likely related to shuting the server down while the pool was still processing. After going t...

Migrate Puredisk Server To a New Box

Hello All, I have a Puredisk Server that I need to migrate to a new box. The Puredisk version am currently running is I need a migration guide that will enable me move the data from the old box to the new box and help me reconfigure my Sto...

Adeoye by Not applicable
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Resolved! De-dupe Rate for MS_Exchange Data Stores

We are backing up normal flat files seperately to a disk and exchange server data to another disk. We dont have GRT enabled. The de-dupe ration for Flatfiles are closely to 60 %. But the de-dupe for Exchange server backup's are running at 4.69 %. Nee...

Deepak_G by Level 6
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Unable to start postgresql 8.3 service for MSDP

Hi , I'm using Netbackup 7.5 and just move netbackup to new server and recovered full catalog. After that unable to restart postgresql 8.3 service , Deduplication services and backup is giving 2074 error "storage server is down " Waiting for solution...

PureDisk Replication Errors

How do we reolve Pure Disk Replication Error: Error: 53 : __replicate_DO_refop_batch: Could not process reference operation batch for replication batch entry 0-165, cache: connection actively refused . Replication is failing .

mumbiv by Not applicable
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Restore for split jobs

We have experienced this issue twice, whenever we try to restore split jobs ex F:\data\Profiles\A*-G*, F:\data\profiles\o*-u* etc it would restore complete F:\data\profile instead of restoring a single split data selection. But if we try to select th...

Puredisk backup hung at 2%

Puredisk backup for one of the client and only one data selection is hung at 2% (prepare backup client step). Backup would not progress beyond that, we tried clearing tmp folder but that didnt work, but after splitting the backup it worked. Please le...

VCS probe issue with puredisk cluster

Perform the following action in a puredisk cluster: Freeze the clusterTake down puredisk for maintenance At this point, the cluster will set the state of puredisk to "offline" Bring puredisk back up At this point, the cluster will NOT set the state o...

Symen by Level 2
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My AIR Duplication failed with code 84!

Hi,all! My AIR duplication failed with the following messages, 2012/5/28 18:12:53 - requesting resource LCM_su01 2012/5/28 18:12:53 - granted resource LCM_su01 2012/5/28 18:12:53 - started process RUNCMD (5052) 2012/5/28 18:12:54 - requesting reso...

Vivi by Level 3
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Resolved! topology.ini got corrupt No Backup available

Recently out PureDisk had got down due to Disk was Full ( After long troubleshooting with Support Disk was resized. But nightmare continued ... topology.ini had not...

V4 by Level 6
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Resolved! PureDisk won't start No disk space left

Suddenly in just few hours our standalone PureDisk server went out of space. 1 TB. No space to perform any activity of garbage cleaning etc. Can't even let us start PureDisk services. Have added another 250 GB LUN , Can see Capacity increased for /st...

V4 by Level 6
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Resolved! Make PDDO Storage HA

We have PureDisk 6.6  with single HBA We want to add another HBA to server. What precaution need to be taken As there is no MPIO installed with PD 6.6 LUN are shown 4 times , after adding another it would double   Also can we install MPIO (which one ...

V4 by Level 6
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Resolved! Outlook PST Puredisk 6.6 backup algorithm

Hi,  I have a scenario where PC users will typically do a backup of their local PSTs to their file servers every day. I.e. run a  script that copies the local PST over to their file server home drives. File name will remain the same and overwrite pre...

fyl by Level 2
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