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Incorrect speed

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Hi all..

i am facing one proble in my netbackup inviroment..

when i start the backup , my netbcakup JAVA console showing correct speed  but when i start restoration on any server its showing incorrect speed which is very hight like 238123 , and kilobyte value also showing hi as per backup ..

for EX.. restoration display 1 TB in console but when i see in my server its completed only 400 - 500 GB only..

i am working on netbackup 6.5.5 plateform

Master server on HP UX..

unsing HP ESL AND HP EML E SERIES LIBRARY with 12 drives each..




Level 6

Are you talking about kilobytes per second or the amount of data?

When doing a restore - the amount of data on the bottom of the detail screen shows how much data it as READ through ON THE TAPE - not how much it has restored.

Say you were restoring only 1 file that is 5 kb's, the restore might show 1 gig of data it searched through on the tape to find that one small file.

The restore might also show high speed as it searching through the tape for that file.

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How about on non-multiplexed backup?

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The GUI is known for sometimes showing incorrect speeds, and maybe even size on restores. If you're concerned about the size, look at the BPBRM log to see the correct (real) size restored.