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NDMP backup issue

Level 3

Hi Team,

Help me in finding the solution for the below issue..

We have NDMP client configured in our NBU enivorment,for which FULL backup is getting completed successfully with data written,however when a incermental backup is fired its getting completed successfully but with 0 data written,

Master Server OS : Linux 2.6, NBU

Please let me know incase if any logs  required ..


Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified

Please tell us more about you configuration like NAS OS version and what type of dara are you backing up. Also check if any update occured while backups. If no update, no files are backed up in invremental backups.

In depth, NetBackup only initiate NDMP dump command to NDMP client, anf the NDMP client determined which file to be backed up regarding dump level passed be NetBackup. Please check ndmpagent unified log   by running "vxlogview -p NB -o ndmpagent" to see response of dump command from NAS client.