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PHX User Group Meetings - What do YOU want to hear more about?

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Hello fellow Phoenix Backup & Archiving group members,

There are currently 4 Symantec Backup & Archiving User Group meetings each year in the Phoenix area, yet only a small group of members attend on a regular basis. We would like to improve attendance, as these meetings are full of great information, lessons, tutorials, best practices, and provide a great chance to network with your backup peers & Symantec product experts. To that end, we would like to ask a few simple questions to see if we can increase your interest level in these meetings, as well as provide a broader range of subjects to discuss.


1) What backup and / or archiving products are you currently using?
(eg: BackupExec / NetBackup / EnterpriseVault / NBU Appliances / BMR / DLO / NDMP / OpsCenter / etc)
Feel free to include non-Symantec products such as DataProtector / Commvault / Networker or Open-Source solutions if you are using them too.


2) Are you currently backing up Virtual Environments (VMWare / Hyper-V / Xen / etc)? Which?


3) Are you currently, or do you plan to use a de-duplication solution in the next 6 months? Which?


4) What backup / archiving related topics would you like to learn more about?cool


5) What backup / archiving related challenges are you currently experiencing? cryingangry


6) Are there any products you would like to see an in-depth presentation on at one of the meetings?enlightened


7) What can we do that would ensure you would attend the next meeting (Currently December 8th, 2PM - 5PM)? indecision


8) Has your support team mentioned attending these meetings to you? yes


Thank you for your time and attention. Help us to meet your needs!



Paul Simpson
Membership Director
Phoenix Area Backup & Archiving Group


PS: We also have drawings at each meeting for Connect Points, AND FREE FOOD! smiley


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Hi Paul,

Has an invitation been sent out for the next meeting?

Level 3

Hi Andy,

A reminder invitation has not yet been sent, but yuo may sign up for the next meeting on the main group page. You'll see a link for the meeting under "Upcoming Events" on the right side of the main group page.