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Permissions to run nvdeployutil

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Hi, I am trying to run the nvdployutil from a linux Master Server and I get a message requesting to run the report as root. Is that a requirement? Or which specific permissions my user requires?


Thanks in advanced




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Most of NBU commands need to be run as root.

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If you don't like running your whole shell as root you can set up sudo rules so that authorized & authenticated NBU admins can run specified NBU commands as root without knowing the root password.

Another way, although unsupported and has to be re-applied every time you patch/upgrade, is to change the permissions of certain NetBackup binaries so that the files are owned by root but the execute permission has the sticky bit set.  This tells the OS to let any user run the binary as if they are the user who owns the file.  I'm not going to provide specific instructions on how to do this since you should do some research on what it is and how it works before deciding to use it.

I'll just say that all our NBU admins use sudo, but bppllist is set up with the sticky bit to support some automated processes where sudo would be a pain to use in the scripts and it's a read-only command for NetBackup.