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Post Backup Image Cleanup

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Please support me on the following topic.

We need to run a command (bpimage -cleanup -allclients) when finishing a specific backup. It is possible to perform this configuration using the scripts that are under /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/goodies

If possible, can you help us with the procedure?

Thank you so much



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You could use a bpend_notify.<policy> script so it executes what you need after the backup from <policy> ends.

More info:

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Hi @rafanto 

Please help me understand why. The bpimage clean command runs automatic every 12 hours. It should not be necessary to run it more frequent.


Hello Nicolai,

Thank you for your response, here in summary about this topic:

We have an archiving process, since we need the information to be deleted when the backup is finished, for this a script (bat) is created and it is working without problems, but this images must be duplicated to tape.

This information is stored in a Flex Appliance with WORM, but due to a defect in version 10.1.1 (indicated by Veritas support and supposedly corrected in version 10.2) when the backup ends it does not apply the WORM locks and the image cannot be be duplicated or replicated, the only way is to wait for an image cleanup to be executed or execute the indicated command (bpimage -cleanup -allclients), there the pending WORM locks are applied.

At the moment we cannot update to version 10.2 so we need to somehow automate this issue as a workaround.

Waiting your comments.


Hello, thank you, we have reviewing this TNs, but we need a examples or the exact procedure to execute this command after the successfully archiving job.


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I don't think you can find any triggers within Netbackup since it's not something normally required. But with a bit of script code, you could output the command of bpdbjobs and once jobstate of the backup, goes from active to done, bpimage -cleanup -allclients is called.