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Required robotic library is down on media server

Level 5

Media Server is Windows 2008 r2.  Other robots on the media server are fine.  Cannot inventory robot.  On Media Server, ran diagnostic of robot:


Robot Initialize Failed with generic error:  Call scsi initialize for the robot

Robot Error Checking failed with generic error:  Check the robot for various errors

Tapes show up in device monitor.  Robot is enabled on media server



Level 6

How to troubleshoot robot communication issues in Windows

These symptoms usually indicate a robot communication issue. The following are useful tools in determining the root cause.


  • Event Viewer logs
Be sure to look at the Event Viewer System and Application logs on the NetBackup Server that is configured as the robot control host. If the System Event log indicates a communication error concerning the robot or its drives, the issue should be analyzed from a hardware perspective. Involve the hardware vendor on any errors seen for a robotic device, tape drives, SCSI adapter or HBA adapter in the Windows System Event log.

  • Check the LCD panel or Web interface for the robot
Most robots have an LCD panel that displays the status of the robot. Observe the status of the robot by looking at this or by using a Web interface to connect the robot, if one is available from the vendor. If the robot is offline or has an error status, it may need to be rebooted. Always follow the manufacturer's recommended procedures for any error that is received from the robot itself.

  • Robtest
The "robtest" utility in NetBackup can be used to test or diagnose robotic communication failures. Please see the NetBackup Media Manager System Administrator's Guide for more information on robtest

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Can you run robtest - I suspect not, but have a go anyway.

If that comes back with a scsi error, most likely that you have a hardware issue somewhere, and I wiould start with the robot.

Always worth complete powercycle of the robot control host and the library (and that is off/ on, not just a reboot).

If issue remains after that and the config hasn't changed you're looking at an issue outside of NBU.


Level 5

A variety of mount requests disabled because robot going to down state, could not get serial number, I/O errors, etc. 

We have VTLs, so not really sure how to restart the robots.  We've always had separation of powers and recently the separate powers have left so I'm playing catch up.

Level 6
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Can the OS see the VTL?

Check with 'scan' command (in <install-path>\veritas\volmgr\bin\)

Please check OS Event Viewer System log for hardware errors.

You will probably have to log a call with your VTL vendor.