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Restore of Domino Servers no longer working after update to NBU7.7

Level 3

We recently updated to NBU7.7 on our master server (Windows). We were running 7.6.1 previously, and had no problems at all. 

We have several IBM/Lotus Domino 9.x servers running on Linux that are being backed up by this environment. Previously, we were able to restore mail files, as needed. We could use redo logs to do point in time recoveries, if required, but we could always just do a restore of a single .nsf mailbox database to a secondary location with a new replica ID, then manually copy missing emails, folders, etc, if the user did not know when they deleted something. eg. "I know I had it last Friday."

Since the update to NBU 7.7 on the master, when selecting an individual .nsf file in BAR dialog, the "restore" button is grayed out. We only get the "restore" button if we select the entire "mail" directory that contains all mail files. This requires restoring over a TB of total mail databases, which is both time consuming, and pretty ridiculous. 

We have been engaged with support since 8/17 with no resolution to this point, beyond them saying "GRT feature unavailable in NBU 7.5, 7.6, and 7.7 Based on research and reviewing the Veritas Netbackup Administrative Guide GRT is not supported. The entire mail box needs to be restore. You can select the entire folder and restore it, but not individual mail boxes." This makes absolutely no sense, as we've never used "GRT", which I assume refers to Granular Restore Technology, as used for say, MS Sharepoint Server, for Lotus Domino. We're also not trying to restore anything more granular than the mail file itself. Also, "The entire mails box needs to be restore. (sic) You can select the entire folder and restore it but not individual mail boxes." seems to be a contradiction. We've also had years of experience doing exactly what it says we cannot do from 5.x through 7.6.1, that is, restoring individual mail boxes. The Admin Guide for Domino also seems to suggest that it SHOULD work. 

It seems completely counterintuitive to require restoring the entire mail server to recover a single file. I cannot think of very many people who would accept that an entire fileserver needed to be restored to recover a single file that was overwritten by a user, and I see this as being very similar.

Has anyone had any luck with restoring Domino mail files with NBU 7.7 master server? We've requested escalation, but that has, so far, not gone much better. If this is, in fact, the correct line, and restoration of individual mail files is no longer supported in NBU 7.7+, I can't see it remaining a viable option for our backup and recovery needs. 

Thanks in advance for any help.



Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified

I tried in my lab with Master and client at 7.7 but the Domino server is Windows and it allows me to select individual database files. You can try to perform NFS level backup of database files which is identical to Windows based Domino backup which should allow you to restore the individual database files.

You can do this as test.. If you are confirtable you can change your Domino backup strategy this way ...