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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! how archiving is happening in netbackup?

Hi Team,   can any one please expline how archacing is happening in netbackup ?. and how it is deleting data after duplication is don .means how it is deleting dae datain a primary location? 

sravya by Not applicable
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Resolved! Lotus Notes Domino 9 backup failed on Netbackup

Hi All, There was an error when running a backup for Lotus Notes Domino 9 on platform AIX 7.1. Below are the error that occurred  (Code status=103) 16:57:25.392 [23724268] <2> LN_stopClient(): INF - Stopping Client 16:57:25.392 [23724268] <4> NBL...

AkMaL by Level 2
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Resolved! NetBackup 7.5 Lotus Domino Backup

Hi Folks,   I need suggestion for the better backup solution for lotus domino backup with NetBackup 7.5   A quick Infra details. One Master Server. 25 Lotus Domino Servers with each 2.5K User Mail Box. All Lotus Domino Servers are VM Media Servers ac...

punbs by Level 4
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archive bit

Is there any one knows why archive bit ? and who controle archive bit ? how server  find archive bit  status?

Resolved! backup Performence

how to improve backup performance(For example I am running a backup  operation it is taking 10 hours (consider ) then I need it  to finish  it within 5 hours or below mean as early as possible is it possible or not if possible means how Give me an ex...

Resolved! SLP

What is SLP? why SLP? what are the disadvantages and advantages of SLP? is there is any alternative is there for slp? what is deduplication can u give an example for deduplication?

Problem backing up Lotus Notes

Product: Symantec NetBackup I have a problem backing up two Lotus Notes Servers.   Job details for server 1: ---------------------------------------------------   2013-05-03 01:00:00 - Info nbjm(pid=6112) starting backup job (jobid=386406) fo...

Resolved! Lotus Note Backup Issue

Hi All,   We are facing Lotus notes backup issue(completing partially) . Below are the some errors. ERR - Close of Lotus Notes database /local/notes1/mail/asdxc.nsf failed: 0x1:Release 8.5.3FP3|November 15, 2012 ERR - Cannot open Lotus Notes database...

Backup of Lotus Notes database failing

Hi We are testing the backup of Lotus Notes Database using Netbackup Lotus notes agent. We have tried to configure the backup aaccording to Admin Guide for Lotus notes and also logged a case with Symantec but we have been unsucessful yet. The backup ...

Lotus-notes single mailbox backup problem

Hello All, I'm  having a strange(or not) situation. Netbackup (server and medias) I need to backup a single mailbox from Lotus server (besides from normal backup - this one work's fine) . I’m on netbackup customer side (lotus server cluster l...

Malak by Level 4
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Resolved! Find which Netbackup client , backedup a particular unique file

Find which Netbackup client , backedup a particular file ========================================   Is it possible to know which Netbackup client backedup a particular unique file ? Provided the only reliable information readily available is the fi...

Lotus Notes Agent NBU - Ubuntu 10.04 x64

Hello,    We juste move to NetBackup these days and I can't finalize a install with : -Ubuntu 10.04 LTS x64. -Lotus Domino 8.52FP3 (Data are on an NFS Share on a Netapp filer). Domino is up and running.... -Netbackup Agent (Media & Ma...

Yann_LP by Level 2
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Resolved! NetBackup update_clients / update_dbclients

Hi all, I have a question about the upgrade for NetBackup clients. I have a Unix/Linux environment using NetBackup 6.5.4 with some Oracle and Lotus clients. I want to update the last old clients (NetBackup 6mp6 and 6.5) from the master or media serve...

faceless by Level 3
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