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Storage units for GRT Exchange backups on WMware backup host

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Master Server:
Existing Media Server: (Windows 2008 R2)
New Media Server (VMware backup host): (Windows 2008 R2)
Exchange 2010 Server: Windows 2008 R2 virtual machine.

Currently I have GRT backups running to a BasicDisk storage unit. Images are destaged to tape at regular intervals.
Planning to add another media server which will act as VMware backup host.

From what I have read if I cut the backups over to the new media server (VMware backup host) I will still need the following to a complete a GRT backup of Exchange 2010
1. Standard client installed in the VM running Exchange.
2. NFS configuration on the media server.
3. BasicDisk storage unit.

Am I correct?

I read the NetBackup Exchange and VMware guides and normally I build a test environment just to make sure I have everything setup correctly but time is against me at the moment.


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For some or other reason your post only showed up in the forum recently....

Hope you managed to configure this successfully by now?

As far as I can see, your assumptions are correct.

Just take note that most types of disk storage are supported for GRT - Basic, Advanced, MSDP and even some OST's.