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Unable to get into appliance Maintainence mode

Level 0

Hi Team 

We are running Netbackup appliance 5230.

bhx-nba1.Software> List Version
Appliance Version: 3.2
NetBackup Version: 8.2
Build Date: 20191007173351


Need to get into the maintenance mode to gather some of the information requested by Veritas.

But it's not allowing me to do so, as it's not accepting the password. We have tried the default password "P@ssw0rd" as well as the password for the admin user we use to login ( SSH ) to appliance.

bhx-nba1.Support> Maintenance
<!-- Maintenance Mode --!>
maintenance's password:
- [Error] Password authentication failed.


Is there a way we can change the password to get into maintenance mode?

I tried below and it does not allow me to change even though it accepts "P@ssw0rd" as the old password, but does not change the password irrespective of what I specify in the new password.


bhx-nba1.Settings> Password maintenance
- [Info] Please review the password policy before setting
Password policy:
1. Passwords must contain at least eight characters.
2. Passwords must contain at least one lower case letter (-9).
3. Dictionary words are considered weak passwords and are
4. The last seven passwords cannot be reused, and the new ilar to previous passwords.

Old Password :
New Password :
Confirm Password :
- [Info] (current) UNIX password: passwd: Authentication f

- [Error] Failed to change the account password of 'mainte
- [Error] Failed to change maintenance account password.


Can anyone help me in getting into maintenance mode?



Are you running the IPS override script to allow you to get to the elevated prompt in maintenance mode?




Hi @zaki_spectra 

You will probably have to boot the appliance into single user mode. This process although simple is I think too hard to describe here (if you know what you are doing, the system is like any other Linux system on booting - you will need access to the IPMI console so you can interrupt the boot process and add a flag "-s" to the correct boot line at the grub menu stage). 

What I suggest is to log a support case (although if you are collecting information for support you have one already). Get support to help you with this. 


Level 3

Your maintenance password was lost, passwd will not check the password when you type the OLD, it will do that when it attempts to get an authentication token to change it. 

You need to get in single user mode and change it manually. Make sure you have a working IPMI console. 

Support will help you to get into single user and disable the IPS to get to the shell.