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Windows 2008 AD GRT Restoration problem if i use Data Domain

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Hi All,

I set NetBackup policy to backup AD GRT of a Windows AD server. I follow the NetBackup reccomendation I use Data Domain DD670 with DDboost and configure as Open Storage. The backup running fine with no error (exit = 0). I tried using the SLP and also tried without using SLP.

But if we want to restore we always encountered: "ERROR: database system error".

I tried exactly the same configuration only change the storage to basic disk, then the backup and restore were running fine.

Our NetBackup version is the master running on linux and the media server running on Windows 2008 R2

Anyone has the same experence? Any solution?

Thank you,



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What version of the ost plugin are you running? Also is the image primary on the DD.

Also please refer to the HCL for your plugin version to see what is supported.

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Hi SymTerry,


Thank you for the suggestion.

The version of the DD Boost (Data Domain OpenStorage plugin) is I will check with the HCL.