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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Create SRT NBU 7.0.1 with VxSS

Hi all, I'm trying create SRT on my master/boot server, but when select SRT option it shows me the following message. "Operation failed due to VxSS authentication failure". I'm logged on administrative right on my Master server and it is my boot serv...

Tape drives dedicated for restore in Netbackup 7 using SSO

Hi All, I have a query regarding tape drives dedicated for restore in Netbackup 7 using SSO. I have 5 Media servers and 13 tape drives with shared storage option. I want to dedicate one tape drive out of 13 to be used for only restores.    1. Using "...

krish06 by Level 3
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How to install DLO on Win2008

I am not able to install DLO on windows 2008 New Environment Netbackup Server = 7.1 OS fof Netbackup Server = Win2008 R2 Old Environment   Netbackup Server = 6.5.5 OS fof Netbackup Server = Win2003 R2 DLO version 6.1 (without any MP or RP) ...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Clustered installation of Netbackup 7.1 fails!

Hi all, I have a problem with a fresh install of the new Netbackup 7.1 on our cluster. We have the following setup: 3 x Windows 2008 R2 SP1 x64 Enterprise server (Fully patched) Installed Veritas Storage Foundation HA 5.1 SP2 When I install Netbacku...

Fred2010 by Level 6
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Resolved! errors while making bmr of solaris 10 sparc netbackup 71

i try to make bmr backup of solari 10 sparc machine with zfs filesystem - i've got following error :   2011-03-24 18:18:53 - Error bpbrm (pid=4648) BMRERR: Received BMR error: Failed to import Config file. (1) 2011-03-24 18:18:53 - Error bpbrm (pid=...

Policies are not populating in NetBackup 7.0.1

Hi Friends, Recently we upgrade out netbackup master server from 6.5.4 to 7.0.1. Upgrade was successfull. But, we started facing a new problem after this upgrade. In Java Console (also upgraded to 7.0.1), policies are not getting populated. But this ...

kumar3 by Level 4
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Hi all Experts, We have Veritas Netbackup 6.5.5 on Solaris 10 spacc 64 bit. They backup is going smoothly but suddenly it gives me a message that robotic library is down in netbackup server .I checked my dirver with tpconfig -d and everything are up ...

Resolved! RMAN Recovery Catalog

How can I check to verify if I am using the RMAN recovery catalog?  And once I verify whether or not RMAN recovery catalog is used, how do I back this up? thanks! 

jwmcf1 by Level 4
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Error bprm, cannot send mail to @domainuser

Anytime there is a partial or failed backup job we receive emails from Netbackup notifying us of such.  We get the emails, jet in the Detailed status of the job, we get an the error: Error bpbrm(pid=XXXX) cannot send mail to, user@dom...

Resolved! Backup BMR Vmware

Bom dia, gostaria de ajuda para testar backup e restore de maquinas virtuais utilizando o BMR. Se possível link com documentação em português. Fico muito grato.

Restore Timeouts

I'm running Netbackup 6.5.4 on Windows 2008 and wondered if there was a way to change the time a restore waited for media to become available?   Been getting a few restore timeouts recently (waiting for media that is still being written too) and was ...

j083418 by Level 5
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Resolved! How can i probe/verify my NAS filer in NetBackup 7.0

Hi All, How can i verify/Probe the filer in Netbackup 7.0. I tried for set_ndmp_attr but the command is not found in NBU 7.0. Could someone pls let me know which command has replaced this or how can i probe ?? i guess../usr/openv/volmgr/bin/tpautocon...

Resolved! NBU 6.5.3 and GPT.

Dear All, we have a lun larger then 2TB and want to use  NBU to backup this lun. We have a master server running on windows 2003 the versio of NBU =  6.5.4 The client is a windows 2008 machine with NBU the policy type = MS-Windows-NT   The cl...

JDK76 by Level 3
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Resolved! Exchange 2010 backup fails with status 13

Hi, Installed a new netbackup master server 7.0 and configured a policy for exchange DAG backup. It take the file list after 1 hours i t gives a error status 13. I followed the procedure given in the below link. Can any help fix this problem. http://...

Marc_Jo by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! expired image are not shown deleted and freeing space until 24 hours

hello netbackup 7.0.1   i have disk pool deduplication working ,i'm getting my disk full i want to expired the image to free some space i'm able to do that my problem is that this is not shown free space until 24 hours ,how can i get immediate free s...

JJ58 by Level 4
Partner Certified
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