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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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SAN Client devices simulation

Hi,for my private lab practice, i would simulate a san client configuration. i've a little esx server.Is there a chance to simulate devices? Maybe may i use iscsi connection?Someone use something like this, to improve Netbackup skills?Thanks in advan...

Using MariaDB plugin to backup MariaDB

Hello Forum Guru'sWe are deploying ServiceNow into our production environment and I was hoping that I could be guided on how to achieve successful backup with the client. I have been going through the MariaDB admin guide which is a bit sketchy in pla...

Backup Selections

Is there any way when i want to add two different Folder/Files from two different Clients on the same Policyexample: Client A , Folder C:/A     Client B,  Folder B D:/Bis there any way to do that?

sandreou by Level 4
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API call for nbstlutil

I am having problems with replications on multiple of our master servers.I manually execute "nbstlutil report" command to see if there are any incomplete SLP copies on backlog.Is there an API that will show the same kind of data for SLPs? I would lik...

Replacing Windows Media Servers with Linux Media Servers

Good Afternoon.I have a customer planning to replace his existing Windows Media Servers with new RHEL servers, and I'm wondering if that will cause issues when trying to use the new Media Server to restore older images. We suggested they keep the win...

Request API with filter option

Hello,I would like to filter from requesting API.curl -k -X GET https://master:1556/netbackup/catalog/images?filter%3DclientName%20eq%20%27CLIENT_NAME%27 -H 'Accept: application/vnd.netbackup+json;version=2.0' -H 'Authorization: MY_TOKEN_HERE' | json...

Claudus by Level 2
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Install vCenter HTML5 plugin without GUI

Hi!We have a setup with a RHEL7 Master server and two 5250 appliances. It's used for a vSphere 7 plaform. We'd like the HTML Plugin installed, but I can't find an instruction for how to install it without a GUI. Our Master server runs without a GUI, ...

Media server upgrade

Hi All,In my environment 3 media servers that are running 8.0 and using the same storage unit group. we are looking for an upgrade to the latest version 8.3. How we need to be procced for upgrade need to update one by one or Three at time. which is t...

Netbackup vmware policy - query by IP address or subnet???

We have a master/media server with Netbackup Enterprise v9.1.0.1Was curious to know if there is a way within the vmware policy to perform the query based on a IP address or subnet?  Is this possible...   I have looked at guide and some web searching ...

bc1410 by Level 5
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Resolved! tape media ownership change due to media appliance refresh

Hello,We are using 5230 as a media server with virtual master server, tape library is connected to the media server. We are doing tech refresh of 5230 with 5250 media server. As of now, same tape library will be used but by the end of the year tape l...

'Auto Saved' files unrecoverable?

Hey All,I ran into an issue with a customer and came to the conclusion that NetBackup just will not recover "auto saved" files and those that were open. However, customer is asking if it backed up, it should be recoverable, which is a valid point. I ...

Backup Anomaly detection in NetBackup

Introduction NetBackup has in-build capability to identify the unusual pattern in the backup meta data. This unusual behavior could be because of any Ransomware attack on the source client system.Every day we read about companies who have been hacked...

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Resolved! How Overwrite option in restore works

Hi,Just want to know how overwrite option in backup technologies works during the restore.In my scenario I have restored the full backup (which has file named A, B, C, D) later I restored incremental backup with overwrite option enabled, on the same ...

Vcenter 6.7 random FTL - Cleanup() Failed

Hi,Using NBU on appliance ver backing up a Vmware 6.7 ver (17700523)cluster from Vcenter 6.7 ver ( the job is randomly failing in the snapshot and backup. Backup detailed status displays:-FTL - cleanup() failed, status 11Error...