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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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SharePoint Backup and Off Site Tape Storage

Good Afternoon Everyone - Just double checking on something.  I know Netbackup states that the SharePoint backups must be backed up to disk for a successful backup/restore procedure however I am wondering what people are doing for their off site sto...

Denda by Level 5
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Resolved! Event Logs Restoration at alternate Location

I want to restore the Event logs files (C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\SysEvent.Evt ) to alternate location. I tried to find out this file from restore tab, no luck. After that, i checked Shadow Copy Component --> System Service ---> Event Logs . I st...

Resolved! How to exclude files and directories from NDMP backups

How to exclude files and directories from NDMP backups How to create a NetBackup class file  in netbackup to exclude certain files for taking ndmp backup? I need to know the exact location & file Name.

sap inline backup

Hi ,,, can any one tell me what is the resion of error no 6.. Please give me proper solution for that.. BR0051I BRBACKUP 7.00 (31) BR0055I Start of database backup: bebjcsap.anf 2009-08-31 13.13.19 BR0484I BRBACKUP log file: D:\oracle\SOL\sapbacku...

Nitesh by Level 4
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bpstart_notify failed 73

Hi, We have recently configured VCB . Our master and media server is Netbackup 6.5.1 and the VCB proxy server is also 6.5.1.  VCB backup is failing with bpstart_notify_failed(73) ,, we are able to see in the mount point that the snapshot is succes...

Rajesh_s1 by Level 6
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Additional Media Sever

I have one setup running netbackup 6.5 on SUN V445 & SL500 at X location . I want to setup another tape library at Y location  almost 1500KM away. Both the locations are connected through three 45MBPS links. 1. Do I need to configure new media serve...

ppmangs by Not applicable
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NDMP backup Failure 99

Hi, I am trying to take the backup of a fcp share /vol_fcp_01 of a san filer by using ndmp. I have successfully taken backup before. But now I am getting the error NDMP Backup Failure (status code=99)

Netbackup Error 40/42 after upgrading to 6.52 from 5.1

Hi,   We have 4 data centres, each having 1 master ,2 media servers running Solaris 10.  After upgrading from 5.1MP2 to 6.52 at client side and 6.53 at master/media servers, I often get errors 40/42 during Weekly backup. 99% Daily backups are fine. ...

RMAN backup speed

Hi, I am using veritas nect backup server 4.5.3 and same version client is installed on my Linux (Red Hat AS 4) and windows clients (database servers). I take RMAN backups from my windows clients and speed i get is more than 30 MB/ps but from my Linu...

Status code 58 for MS-Windows 2K3 Box

Hi, Windows server backup is failing with status code 58. Checked hosname to ip address resolution in both master, media and client servers. Everything is okay. I made an host entry in the all the servers(master, media and client servers). Excuted...

SAN media server

Hi All Pealse some on can explain for me what is this issue: i'm using SSO with SAN media server /////////////////////////////// 08/29/2009 03:13:40 - requesting resource Minsatcs01-hcart-robot-tld-0 08/29/2009 03:13:40 - requesting resource netba...

Yiwen by Level 3
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Critical Please Help - Exchange mailbox restore not completing

I hope someone can help me.  I'm new to NBU and have very limited knowledge. I'm on NBU 5.1 MP7 (I know it's not supported but, I'm trying to upgrade). I am currently in the process of restoring three Exchange mailboxes from three different tapes to...

TimothyB by Not applicable
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Oracle status 6

Hi there, First of all I'm a real nooooob about oracle backups. I'm trying to backup an oracle db, and i 'm getting Status 6 I 've checked the date and no more that 2 minutes of diference between servers. I none even know witch log I should loo...

SQL Backup is failing with error code 58.

Hi, One of our critical MS-SQL server backup is failing with error code 58. Master server(HP-UX) NBU Version: 6.0 MP6 Client Server(Win2K3) NBU version: 6.0 MP4? Can you pls help me to resolve the issue as earlier?  

Max Jobs per Policy

I know there is a max jobs/client but does one exist for policies?  I just upgraded to 6.5.4 and I've noticed I have identical policy/schedules running at the same time.  Example, I have a policy that runs at 0700, it runs WAY outside the window beca...

Status 24

hi guys, all of a sudden i started getting status 24 on my backups.  can anyone tell me what the problem is? Thanks