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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Getting Netbackup 60 to see slave drive in stand-alone pc setup

Hello All, Keep getting status 25 and status 70 when trying to add the second drive(slave) in Storage Units or under Device Drives in NetBackup Administrator Console. Any helpful hints in how to get this configured so some D2D test backups can be p...

dbeck by Level 5
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Drives going down.

Hello All, We have serval drives that continue to go into DOWN-TLD. Also, several show as not being write enabled or ready. This does not seem limited to one partiuclar media server or robot.  Im not certain what the cause of this is but it seems t...

Resolved! Split NetBackup Master and Media Server

Hi Guys, I would like to know if there is a way to split your master/media server once they are built and running in production. Our enviroment is growing I would like the Master server to be on a seperate server/VM. We currently have a master/med...

Ejecting Full media for offsiting in absence of Vault

This script eject Full media for Offsitng. I do not have vault at my end. Mail Slot capacity is 30. After the eject the admin is mailed. /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/goodies/available_media | grep HCART2 | grep FULL > .Full list=`cat .Full | cut -f 4,1 ...

Resolved! Recommend shared memory settings.....

Does anyone have a recommended shared memory settings for the following config: NBU 5.1 soon to be upgraded to 6.5.X Solaris 9 V445. 32 gig of ram? 2 LTO3's MPX not to exceeded 9............ shmmax shmmin shmmni shmseg Thanks.... Joe Despres

NetBackup / Devices

All, Getting this error when selecting Devices/Drives in Netbackup Console Administrator: Could not connect to vmd on host XYZ (70). Used vmglob -get_ghdhost  to get the host name/ Hostname returned : Then used vmglob -set_gdb...

dbeck by Level 5
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Novell to Server 2003 creates 0 byte files

Netbackup 5.1MP3 I am trying to restore some files from a Novell backup to a folder on a Server 2003 machine. All I end up with is zero byte files. Here is a copy/paste of the progress log: 10:42:57 (28294.001) Restoring from image created 5/29/200...

Resolved! Decommission media server / move robot

I'm going to be removing my first media server that was added to NetBackup. This is the server where the media library robot was initially configured and is controlled from. I'm going to be adding 2 new media servers and want to move the robot contro...

Vault data missing after reloading robot

I recently had to delete my robot entry from NetBackup to clear up some device issues I was having. After I got it re-installed using the same name, I noticed that Vault no longer had any tape information in that profile for tapes I had ejected befor...

Small file backup on Sun Cluster

I have been trying to backup a file system of size 200gb containing about 25 million files. The system is a cluster node running Solaris Cluster 3.2. The backup job starts and runs for about 1 day and then hangs. Can some one help me on this issue?

invalid drive number

hello Forum, what are the possible causes for the following and the solution: -bash-3.2$ sudo vmoprcmd -h sk9001-be -up 2 Invalid Drive Number Please help me rectify the problem.

rrosario by Level 4
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Catalog backup query

Can we take catalog backup and restore it in another master server and use that for disaster recovery. Both servers are with different names. Different geographical location.

Netbackup VBR

DEar All, my company was going to implement the VBR 6.5. we have about 100 NBU client + Media siting at different network segment. my quetions is, VBR Server need to communicate with all the Client Servers and Media Servers or it only communicate wi...

Kingkill by Level 4
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Using Isilon storage as DSU (Storage Unit Group)

Greetings, First time to get on this site and at first glance,  looks to be a wealth of information very well organized. However, I don't see a place to open a case with Symantec regarding Netbackup. So I'll enter a note here (after first searching...

RandyCD by Not applicable
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How do duplication, vaulting, and disk staging play together?

We're looking at purchasing Vault, as well as greatly increasing the frequency and distance at which we off-site our tapes.  We've never done much duplication in the past, but as we're about to start, how does disk staging fit into the picture?  If a...