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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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media server with 2 nics bond or something else

I have a media server with 2 nics we are currently using one of them. can you or should you configure up the second one to increase performance to the drives. so if both are on the same media server... NicA  currently set Nic B not set yet  b do yo...

Retention Level

Hellow one of my backup is running from 12 days and the retention is for 2 weeks how can i go ahead n change the retention when backup is running please advice.

anasser by Level 4
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NDMP backup failure(99)

  I am running into a problem when backing up from a NAS using NDMP.  If I run the job as a full backup of the volume it work’s.  However if I change that policy to an Incremental backup then I get the following error.   11/03/2009 15:14:24 - Error n...

mickk30 by Level 2
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Resolved! Backups run with < 100kb/sec throughput

Greetings, I'm a new administrator for our Netbackup solution - we are running v. 6.0MP7 on a 64bit Win2003 box backing up windows clients to a Quantum LTO3 tape drive.  A few days ago, the backups were running with a throughput of 1500k and 8000k as...

Cray by Level 2
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How to Restore Oracle DB Backup

Hi Team, I am running Netbackup6.0 MP4 on Windows 2003 based Master Server. We have a unix based media server "GENX" that is running Oracle DB with NB Agent. we are talking full online db backup using RMAN and backups are working fine and completing ...

Resolved! Services and Retries

I have 2 Questions here 1. How to check whether the NBU services are running on a client from the master or the media server remotely either in windows or a Unix Client. is there a command to check it,   2. How to change job retry for a client. Is th...

Prab by Level 3
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Tape drive naming - netbackup and solaris

I have a strange issue with tape drives, Netbackup and Solaris 9 Media Server.  I noticed in /var/adm/messages that the names for the tape drives are the same as in netbackup but specify an incorrect device number.  The devices (names and /de...

vmchange syntax change in 6.5 from 5.x

I just finished an upgrade to 6.5 from 5.x (long time overdue) and had some scripts created that ejected tapes via  a .bat file. It seems as if the vmchange syntax has changed. What I'm trying to do is eject multiple tapes that are in a text file. Fo...

Netbackup client install on Solaris

Hi, I've been landed with installing the NetBackup 6.5 client on a Sun Fire V210 with Solaris 9 (our master/media server is on Wintel) without being given the media or knowing anything about Solaris.  So I went to, downloaded...

Resolved! NetBackup v6.5 restore

Is it possible to restore from a tape that is outside the retention schedule. I know in ArcServe I could browse the tape, but with netbackup it seems you have to browse the client jobs to do the restore. So if the tape is outside the retention schedu...

HutchMD by Level 3
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Image database component of hot catalog backup is very slow...

Solaris 10 VCS, NBU ES v6.5.3.1. The NBDB portion of the catalog backup is acceptable - circa 85MB/s dual inline copy to LTO4.  The /db/staging area is on the same volume as the images database.  But, the images database part is appalling - < 10 MB/s...

sdo by Moderator
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Exchange Granular Backup Confusion

I would like a clarification on Exchange backups, in particular granular level backups.  The doco is not very clear when you read the document update and the Exchange Admin guide.  I've read that the granular level backup can replace the mailbox leve...

r_b by Level 4
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Resolved! Cannot delete assigned volume

Dear All, We were installed Netbackup 4.5. In that we are used DLT8000, so that all media id are density of dlt. Now we are upgrade 4.5 to 5.1 and then 6.0. With reference to that density dlt was changed to dlt2. In one media id A00013 was already as...

Netbackup Client 6.5 for Montavista Linux 2.4 Career Grade 3.1

Hi, we have a montavista linux 2.4 career grade 3.2 System .we have installed the Netbackup client for that but its not working & we are facing Status code 57 .   Status Code: 57

Netbackup Client 6.5 for Montavista Linux 2.4 Career Grade 3.1

Hi, we have a montavista linux 2.4 career grade 3.2 System .we have installed the Netbackup client for that but its not working & we are facing Status code 57 .   Status Code: 57

could not set linger vaule

Hi All, I have created new SAP backup recently, online and redo logs backup , it is not generating any child stream and in activity monitor  Detailed status it is giving me following error Could not set linger value on socket. Errno = 22: Invalid arg...

Management Pack 3 (6.5.3) remote push installs

I can't find the remote push install within the upadate 3 install files. I wanted to push the mp3 to my 6.5 installs but the source file seems to be missing the component. It only has the option of install to local machine. Anyone have ideas how to p...

hardware compression lto4

I'm running 6.5.2 with 4 LTO4 and 12 LT02's, I want to upgrade to but I hear that hardware compression requires a license now after upgradeing to 6.5.3, is this true?

zippy by Level 6
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