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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Cannot connect with host (58)

I have Netbackup server and now want to take backup of window server 2008 . during backup it give me error that "can't connect with host (58) while the firewall is off and dns is configure properply . Please guide me 

Cannot connect with host (58)

I have Netbackup server and now want to take backup of window server 2008 . during backup it give me error that "can't connect with host (58) while the firewall is off and dns is configure properply . Please guide me 

Resolved! Netbackup Services not Starting up

Dear all Readers ,    It is about two days that Netback critical services such as : 1-Enterprise Media Manager 2-Relational database manager are starting . in these two days I've tried every solutions that I could Find in Vox froums and discussions p...

services error.PNG

Resolved! need help to configures hyper-v server backup.

Hii everyone!!I am new in backup admin, Please help me for the following.....Description:I have one physical Server, on that server we have created 3 hyper-v virtual machines.I have another physical server with 2 Hyper-v virtual machines. My Queries:...

Exclude corrupt files and continue backup

Hi All,Can you please help me here on below query.Last month my file server (VM in hyper-v) crashed and with help of microsoft we have bought back the server wherein they have indentified that the issue is with snapshot chain which they fixed. Post t...

MSDP: crcontrol --dataconvertstate

Just sharing some notes...On a test system, I recently did a master/media server upgrade from NetBackup v7.7.3 to v8.1 (i.e. I didn't stop on the way via v8.0)... and I found that the disks hosting the MSDP data portion were quiet busy afterwards.  A...

sdo by Moderator
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RMAN exclude of .../RMAN/control/lost+found

 Hi folks,a user wants to exclude the above directory (/oracle/admin/RMAN/control/lost+found)  from his RMAN-triggered backup job.Example:/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpbackup -p RZ2_UNX_MAN_LAN_POL_R06M -k ARCHIVE_RMAN_29.11.17_14-00 -w -L /oracle/backu...

bert_geiger by Moderator
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Resolved! duplicate from oold media

Hi,i need to duplicate old LTO4 backup to LTO6.some of my backups were done via a media server that no longer exists.and when I want to make the duplication, I have the error "Lack of connection detected media is currently not connected to master" is...

backup is failing with erro 13

Hi All,backup is failing with error 13, backup is failing after writing some data.job details :  12/01/2017 21:43:09 - Info bptm (pid=9218) backup child process is pid 974112/01/2017 21:43:09 - begin writing12/01/2017 21:43:19 - Info bpbkar (pid=2311...

Netbackup bpflist export with another delimiter

I found that a new diff file backup is very big.I can list all files inside it withbpflist command but I can not export it , except use >>myexport.txtb...

Restore Process of a Media with non-barcode

Hello All,I'm trying to findout a soultion for restoring .In my current DC ,I have a standalone drive and from NBU console Medias are shown as Axxxx . Please let me know what would be the process of restoring the Images from these non-barcode medias ...

How to get DSSU utilisation from command line

Hello, I have been using DSSU since 5.1. At the times of NBU 5.1-6.x there was no method on how to get DSSU utilisation via Netbackup CLI. I have to resoft to good old Unix df command to get the stats I need on the media server. Perhaps there is some...

Bancal by Level 2
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Resolved! Enable Deduplication Licensing Doubt

Hi there.In our company, we are evaluating the use of the Deduplication feature that we have and we came across certain doubts about the licensing of such feature.Overall, we have an environment where the Staging area for the dedup is around 40% of t...

Resolved! LTO drives goes down 2 drives from 4 goes down

HiMy problem is that 2 drives from 4 installed in a liblary SL150 are going donwtpconfig -dId DriveName Type ResidenceDrive Path Status****************************************************************************0 LTO-6.DRIVE.1 hcart2 TLD(0) DRIVE=1/d...

strange world.. and then some

first of all, i hope this solution gets pinned. is it an undocumented feature or an easter egg?on to my question/s:if i implement multiple media servers,can they use a common LUN? with different mount points eachmust all media servers have the same O...

manatee by Level 6
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Remove a expansion shelf from Netbackup Applaince

Hi guys,I have a Netbackup Appliance 5230 (7.7.3) with 3 expansion shelves, I need to remove one expansion shelf to move it to another appliance in the remote site, I already expired all images in the msdpI just expired all images in the msdp. Does a...

AndresV by VIP
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