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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! new media server

Hi,We have one master server (which is also media server and client) and one Robotic (SL3000) to perform tape backups.We just bought one linux server intended to be our new media server. The idea is to have one master server and 2 media servers.What ...

Number of characters in subject line

Hi,is there a way to change (limit) number of characters in subject line using blatt and nbmail.cmd?I have simmilar name of client e.g. serverhost12 and serverhost1234  and for both i get emali notification "Backup on serverhost12 - 0"  so for second...

Vjeksa by Level 4
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Resolved! Oracle Catalog

Hello All - i am using netbackup 773 on Redhat Linux 5.X master and media server .I have requirement , in my oracle environment if i have only control file without catalog file will i be able to backup only control file without catalog. Thanks!! 

Resolved! NDMP backup Cifs

Hello,I am having some weird things with a NDMP Backup. I configured a backup of a Netapp CIFS share. This has worked. Then the Netapp admin decided to change the IP-address of the V-Filer where the share was. They forgot to change the IP-address in ...

Resolved! VM backup failed with error code -20 (invalid command parameter)

HELLO :)I am not able to backup RHEL VM. It throws invalid command parameter (20) error message.My Environment isNBU 8.0Master Server : WINDOWSMASTER.NETMedia Server  : HPUXMEDIA.NETClient  : RHELVM.NET (i.e. which needs to back up.)JOB DETAILS:Aug 1...

PBY by Level 4
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Resolved! D2D2T policies using nbu 8.0

We just got a new media server and tape library and loaded it with: Netbackup 8.0 and ~1.9 TB of (Raid 5) local disk storage.  The media server is connected it to the library with fibre hba's.So far so good.  Now I need to set up policies.My daily di...

Netbackup upgrade to version 7.7

Hello,We are currenly using Netbackup 7.1 which is operated by Linux 5. Planned to uprgade the Netbackup to 7.7Please some one let me know the linux compatiblity with netbackup 7.5 , 7.6 and 7.7 as well.thanks.

EMC Isilon Splitting of Volume and Files

Techies,I have a Isilon Share which has multiple folders and files in it. I am aware that I can split the share using wild cardsNEW_STREAMSET FILES=/[A-D]* /[a-d]*and so on, this will work if I have the folders and no file exist in that volume.Howeve...

Resolved! How to identify the parent backup job of a SLP duplicate

Dear colleaguesI have a Policy using a SLP with the primary backup using a Storage Group with two MSDP STUs, defined as failover and one opt-dup. The HW are 2 Appliances in a cross-backup scenario (Appl. 1 stores to local MSDP STU and opt-dups to sec...

bert_geiger by Moderator
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Resolved! Newly added client - backup failing with error 112

I added a new client to an existing MS-Windows backup policy.I have the netbackup agent installed on the client, the backups are failing error 112.(112) no files specified in the file listbptestbpcd if failing for this client from the master server.k...

dugga by Level 4
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media open error (83)

Hello,I have this error when trying to backup with deduplication a client (windows server 2003 r2).See logs :31/07/2017 10:58:55 - Error bpbrm(pid=5428) socket read failed, Accès refusé.  (5)      31/07/2017 10:59:47 - Critical bptm(pid=6952) sts_ope...

bplist returns filenames with incorrect policy name

Hi,I am experiencing a strange problem recently. We have a number of policies that backup Oracle databases.The policies and backups are running and completing successfully, but when I run a bplist against a specific policy, it returns no results.Howe...

sk1ds by Level 3
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Resolved! List of all robot names

Hi Team,Could anyone tell me command to list all robots under a master server?I use tpconfig-l but it doesn't show all robots which are shown in GUI under Media-->RobotsThanksSid

Sid1987 by Level 6
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SQL Restore Error

Hi friends,I want to SQL restore with Netbackup. But I take following logs. Can you help me please? I know little Symantec Netbackup. You can show solution step by step please. Thanks.2017-07-30 10:06:42 PM - begin Restore2017-07-30 10:06:43 PM - 1 i...

SQL Backups failed with invalid status

Hi dear all, I am trying to backup SQL server with intelligents policy, but backup failed with status 1073741571 !! This is a job details:07/30/2017 09:44:21 - Info nbjm (pid=3166) starting backup job (jobid=1333765) for client client_name, policy pi...

NBU support for Nutanix with AHV

Nutanix with AHV has gain momentum in the market. When does Veritas plan to announce NBU & VRP support for Nutanix with AHV ?

shrini by Level 0
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