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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Two copies of catalog backu

A couple months back I setup my catalog backups to create two copies; one in catalog pool that goes offsite and one in a catalog pool that stays onsite.  So in the catalog recovery file I see something like this in it:#DR_MEDIA_REC: ver rtype mtype h...

sclind by Moderator
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Can I Upgrade Directly to v7.7.3 ?

Hi.Can we upgrade directly from NetBackup v7.6.1.2 / to v7.7.3 / 2.7.3, or do we first have to go through the minor versions ?So, what I mean is, can we do this:v7.6.1.2 / -> v7.7.3 / 2.7.3or do we have to do this:v7.6.1.2 / -...

huddie by Level 3
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Resolved! Master Server Migration

Hello All ,I have a requirement to move master server data from one site to different site , as we retireing that site entirely.Existing Master : Windows 2k8 R2 , 773New Master      :  Windows 2k12 773 In  my existing master server , I have the follo...

P_Kesavan by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup VM image level backup over WAN

Hi,We are planning to perform VM Image level backups over the WAN to remote backup server. The transport mode should be NBD as SAN transport mode can't be used for remote backups. I know the backup performance would be limited to WAN link size and VM...

dsk1 by Level 4
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Media server migration

I currently have a Solaris 10 sparc system that is a Netbackup 7.7.3 master/media server.The plan is to put the master server on one linux system and the media server on a seperate linux system.I have the new linux media server configured and it sees...

Resolved! Nutanix

Hi,  i've made a  vmware policy to backup a vm group and, in this group, there's 5 nutanix vm.If i use "browse datastore" to add that client, i didn't see that vm...why? is beacuse use in house vmtools?ThanksStefano

exchange server policy type selection

Hi Friends; I have confused about when we bacup exchange server why dont we use cumulative backup. There must be reason but i couldnt understand. please help me. 

Netbackup BMR SRT Redhat creation issue

Hello, I try to create SRT on RedHat.After some questions SRT wizard ask for NetBackup Client.I unpacked NetBackup_7.7.3_CLIENTS2.tar.gz and specify path: ...Do you want to retry install of Symantec NetBackup Client? (y/n) [y] : y The following medi...

Uniken1 by Level 4
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Resolved! vmware backup Sharepoint w./NLB confused...

Customer using shareponit backup to protect their application. In addition they use vmware backup of the servers in the sharepoint farm, manual selection,VMhostname as primary VM identifier. (several servers and using NLB).We are seeing hostname beei...

Even by Level 5
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Netbackup BMR SRT creation issues

Hi, I'm trying to create a SRT using the Veritas NetBackup Bare Metal Restore -Boot Server Assistant for windows server 2012 R2 and I keep on having this issue. I'm using a downloaded 8.1 ADK from microsoft and I also tried ADK10 but it's the same re...

image.jpg srt.jpg
rafael2 by Level 2
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no images were successfully processed 191

Hi,i recently upgaded from NB 7.1 to 8.0. My master is a RHEL virtual machine and i have a new appliance 5240 acting as a media server and still an old media server running nb 7.1. This 7.1 host is robot control host and the only one connected to tap...

Kai2209 by Level 4
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Moved to new discussion from :   Hi where is the config for this located? 

VM Snapshot failed to quiesce the virtual machine. (156)

Hi Everyone !!We have a problem trying to backup a VM with Windows 7 64b.This is the job detail:**********************************************************...19/09/2017 14:37:41 - snapshot backup of client pm5081.afg.corp using method VMware_v219/09/2...

amutto by Level 4
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Multistream from EMC Isilon OneFS v8 via NDMP

We've upgraded NBU to v8 and OneFS to v8 also so that we can use the wildcard functionality...Now all I need to know is how to get the selection syntax right!We need to backup a specific folder. Within this specific folder are multiple folders; we wo...

Resolved! transferring encryption license

I'm well into my project to set up netbackup 8.0 on a new media server.  The next issue is encryption.  We have licenses to encrypt a few of the servers.  My question is:Where can I find these licenses/keys/whatever on our old 7.7 media server and ge...

Resolved! Import NBU 4 & 5 expired images into NBU 7

Hi: ¿Is there any restriction on how old NBU images can be imported into NBU 7 ? More specific:- LTO 2 tapes with NBU 4.5 expired images, imported into NBU and then duplicated to newer tapes (LTO 6/7).Somebody has had experience doing somethi...

peter12 by Level 4
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