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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Error restoring files using bprestore

Hi,I am having an issue restoring files using bprestore. I get the error 2813.I am submitting:# bprestore -C -D -t 19 -p isilon_URY_segy -s 01/01/2013 -e 12/31/2014 -f /data/scratch/secondse...

Moley by Level 3
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Resolved! NetBackup Licensing

I have a quick question on NBU License. I am planning to get NBU appliance and my while env. which I want to b/up is virtualized(VMware). If I buy NEVC License model I will get the license for NBU appliance and the clients. Correct?

web admin console for NBU 8.x

just thinking out loud, is Veritas going to provide a browser based admin console in the future?we really don't like java because of its security issues.

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! Scratch Pool

I'm not aware what is scratch pool mean until I hit this  feature in other backup software. Upon checking, empty tapes were kept on the same pool after data expiration.Is it possible to change this setting, to move every tape to scratch pool when dat...

Use a tools host, but have another server be the client.

I've got a master server (obviously) and a media (yup also needed :) ).And a tools host which houses a bunch of custom written tools our DataOps team uses.Right now I notice when they run a backup job the tools host is used as the client. This adds a...

Resolved! Ics

Hello I recently had to perform a NetBackup 6.0 installation and I need an error because I am missing the complcmento ICS would like to know if anyone has knowledge of where I can find the ICS?

Resolved! Lost a Storage Unit

I am looking for some help in trying to re-add a storage unit after an error in an ESXi upgrade caused complete loss of the STU.  A short history of the issue:  VM team needed to upgrade the ESXi host that was hosting our media servers.  The media se...

FETB question again

Hi all,I know this topic is coming up over and over again.I know we can use nbudeployutil to calculate the capacity used, as well as take the weekly/monthly full backup to generate client report, and sum it manually.Here is my senerio: Yesterday i ba...

Creating reports from NB 7.7.3

I need to create a report showing all the backups that ran in a particular timeframe including Client, PolicyName, Start-EndTimes, and Status. Somehow I need to show positive confirmation that backups are run.  Currently what we have from OpsCenter i...

Job Status remains in Queued state.

Hello ,we have situation where backup of one client is always remain in Qed sate and eventually fail with 196. There are no active for tht client and th ebackup is running in single streamI tried running in separate policy but no luck 10/25/2017 18:0...

rk1074 by Level 6
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Resolved! Java Admin console fails to start/run on RHEL7 server

I cannot start/launch the Java Admin console (jnbSA) on a RHEL7 client as a non-root user.   As root, the Admin console starts correctly and I can then authenticate with non-root credentials.  I don't want to have to use root.   The Admin console sta...

Resolved! Reg Vault issue

Hello All,I am facing issue with netbackup vault. The vault is ejecting the media but it is not fetching the scratch media.Can you suggesst me the right article for this. This is for windows platform and LTO6 tape library.

bahar by Level 3
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How to change the control server of the tape labrary

DearsEnvironment: NBU version, Master server AIX 6.1 with cluster, Media server Solaris 10 SPARC, Tape Library IBM TS3500 and IBM TS7650G VTL. MasterServer and MediaServers are working in the same subnetwork and are all connected to the Tape ...

Resolved! 5220 Optimized duplication between 2 Applianc

Good day Please assist how to setup 5220 Optimized duplication between 2 Appliance.i need to duplicate all images from A to B. both FC zoning on Slot 2 has been done. Please provide required steps to setup.this procedure am using to seed the data bet...