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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Retention period

Hi,A retension period of a full backup image taken in Sepetmeber this year has been changed from one year to 3 months, but I found its expiration data doesn't change based on this new retension period. Retension period-  3 monthsexpiration date/time ...

netbackup queries

Hello experts,have few questions on netbackup, can some one please help me understanding them1. where do we find the netbackup database path in the netbackup enviroinment2. lets say  I have library with 10 drives and 100+ jobs are runinng in the acti...

Resolved! netbackup versions

can any one post the what are major differnce between the nbu versions 7. 5 and 7.6 and 7.7

madhuri by Level 4
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Datadomain1 to datadomain2 to Tape

Hi,I want to go from Datadomain1 to Datadomain2 to Tape using SLPin SLP it shows:Datadomain1 (backup)                Datadomain2 (duplicate)                                 Tape (duplicate) So shouldn't it duplicate to tape from Datadomain2? however ...

HP MSL 2024 support in Netbackup 7.7.x

We are looking to use HP MSL 2024 tape library with Fiber Channel for a backup solution. In the HW compatiblity list, I see the followingMSL2024 - FibreChannelHP^^^^^^MSL^G3^Series Multi LUN TLD "Supported with the MSL Library Extender."This library ...

Cannot download documents from

Hello,I have been trying to download attachment from articles, but everytime it's showing "An error has occured while processing your request"... is it a maintenance issue or something else? Thanks and BR//

SAN Transport on VMware VSAN

Hi,We recently deployed a new VM infrastructure using Vmware VSAN 6.0It's running in 10G network and the netbackup 5230 appliance is using the same network for backup.Currently backups are running over LAN method which has some speed limitation on VM...

HROH_ by Level 2
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Resolved! Need to make one client offline

I need to put one client offline however i added it under client attiributes and put it in offline mode using bplclientstill i can see the client is running ./bpclient -client kutoas01-ebe -add -offlinebpclient: the entity already exists (226)Error c...

Netbackup scheduled script for SAP HANA appliance failure

Master = WIN 2012 R2 , version 7.7.1Media = Win 2012 R2, Version 7.7.1.Client : SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64)VERSION = 11PATCHLEVEL = 3  NBU Client Version :  7.7.1Problem description:SAP HANA backup quickly getting completed with out any ...

Resolved! Netbackup Storage Servers config

Hello,kindly advice if i can have two storage servers on same media server one from Datadomain and the other from local storage.since the storage server is created on the datadomain, can i have anothor storage server from the local storage on the sam...

Resolved! Netbackup SLP window override?

Does anyone know of any way to override the SLP window cancellation of duplication job that is currently queued?I have some dupes, just on one media server, that I would like to allow to run through my regular backup window, but I can't figure out ho...

elanmbx by Level 6
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Exchange Restore Fail with status 2018

Hi when attemp to restore an exchage database exit with status 2018thanks for you help!!logs for the job10/17/2016 3:44:32 PM - begin Restore10/17/2016 3:44:37 PM - media 4050L4 required10/17/2016 3:44:37 PM - restoring image ogpexchmbx_141969832410/...

junka by Level 3
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Impacts on creating and deleting the same policy every day

One of my customers creates and delete hundreds of policies every days with a scheduler like $UNIVERSE. What are the impacts of such strategy on deduplication ?Does track logs are recreated every day ?I know that track logs are based on:policy name, ...

f_buirey by Level 3
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Resolved! VSS Issue

Hi All,I have 2 questions regarding vss1.I would like to understand the difference between VSS & VSP2. if we disable windows open file backup will it affect the complete backup or recovery? 

636 read from input socket failed

Hi,All backups got failed with error 636 due to network connectivity issue between master and media server ( master and media servers are in different networks). Is there any solution for the backups to get in incomplete status instead of getting err...

Protecting SQL Availability Groups with Netbackup 7.7.3

I have a setup at the moment, which has two Nodes at the Primary site and one node at the secondary site.For example:NODE A - test001NODE B - test002VIRTUAL CLUSTER NAME - testvc01Three instances - testvc01, testvc02, testvc03Three Availability Group...

Duplication step in vault

 Hi,I have backups going to advanced and puredisk and from there we have to duplicate to tape with higher retention using vault.Irrepective of the number of read and write tape drives mentioned, all images are grouped together in a single duplication...

Resolved! Installing Netbackup Client on Linux/Unix

Hi,I have a question about the user that I need to use to start installation of my client Netbackup.Always have I to login as root?It is possible that I can use other user with the same permissions for example: I created one user "usrbkp" to execute ...

wuquillas by Level 3
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