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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Duplication task takes long time to start & finish

We have the below envirment, 1- Windows Server 2008 R2 as the media server. 2- Symantec NetBackup version 3- DELL TL2000 tape library with 2 drives. 4- EMC SAN Storage. We are using storage lifecycle policy to perform backup to disk then...

EAKN by Not applicable
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Resolved! Using wrong password in NDMP

I have an doubt :- 1. to access NDMP when need to access username and the password my question is :- if we use wrong password ...on NDMP is this one time password authentication ....if admin fails to login this handled by the admin ... or ...

Resolved! Unable to configure MSDP on Suse11 media server

Hello    I am trying to configure a MSPD on Suse11 linux and I am getting a unknown error.   Our master server is win2008R2 nbu 7.6.1 and Suse media server is nbu7.6.   Please check the screenshots attached.

Status of backup report

We have 7.5 master server on red hat linux,When I try to check status of backups in java (report) it shows only the catalog backup policy/backup status . All other client backup status are not listing . Tried the command : bperror -backstat -hours...

Resolved! Unable to change media owner

Moved to new discussion from Tapes with the same label  Ok, I have another problem. The delay was due to my master server not being active for tape or disk and that's normal. The thing is, if I select any other media server in the dropdown menu for ...

Resolved! cannot perform specified media import operation(176)

Hi, When I am trying to import the tape its failing with "cannot perform specified media import operation(176)" error. Following are my observation and steps performed:   - Media 1st phase import is failing. - Checked the media and its showing i...

abhinavs by Level 3
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Resolved! Using Master Server to restore backup from ReadyNas

I am using master server to host the backup selections for a readynas path. - \\readynas\store  backup policy. The backups are successful, however when trying to restore i get error - does not contain backups for client (ipaddress) using the specifi...

pmc214 by Level 5
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Resolved! Using catalog backup and recovery to transfer NetBackup catalogs between Windows master servers as part of a hardware refresh

Hi All, When running the catalog import wizard on the “new” server, I got the following message: Please see the Screen Shot attached: This is the Error that i get when I run the complete Catalogue Recovery Previouse Environment is Shut Down all...

Kernal by Level 4
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Import image error 191

hello, we have a master server on windows 2008 R2, and the netbackup version installed on all media and master servers is 7.7.1 (previously up^graded from 7/5/0/6 to 7.7.1). after the upgrade, all seems ok, but today, when i started importation of ...

issmag by Level 5
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Resolved! Will restarting these services impact running backups?

I have added a new BasicDisk that points to a UNC Path and based on this site ( certain services need be set with a logon account that has permission to access it. Before I do that I want to kno...

Resolved! NDMP backups of 8TB filesystem on NAS (EMC VNX5200) device

Hello people, I have the following situation: I am configuring a NDMP backup of a NAS device (EMC VNX5200 storage), for administrative reasons, the NAS admin has configured a big filesystem (where several shares are created and exported to CIFS serve...

Resolved! Restore of services executable files

Hello, I have a set of clients under a policy of type Ms-Windows that include 'ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES' and all clients have exclusion of disk C:\ (that is backupped with another policy at VM level) During DR test of a client of such policy I have realized...

Resolved! Tapes with the same label

Hello! There was a mistake in one of our tape order and somehow I have 10 tapes with the same labels as 10 other tapes. The thing is, they were inserted before I realised there was a problem. Could someone tell me how to check the contents of a tape?...

Resolved! restorting DFSR data

NBU if i made a DFS backup of drive G:, and i want to restore the backup to another server, same drive letter, must the destination server also have DFS installed? or will it restore to drive G: like an ordinary restore?

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! Database Backup Cancellation

Hello Experts, Sometimes we have to cancel sql and oracle database but cancelling parent job does not kill all the jobs if dabase is big. Pls let me know how to cancel database backups efficiently. Thanks,

Resolved! Robtest Command

Hello Experts, We have 1 Master server (Cluster) and 4 media servers. Few days back we had to move tapes from one slot 2 another. Tape drives are mapped to the 4 media servers not on the master. I tried running Robtest on master and got error no r...

Resolved! FT Media server configuration issue

Hi, My master is in windows and media server is RHEL 6.3. I am trying to install FT media server.  ./nbftsrv_config -nbhba executes successfully, but when try the command ./nbhba -l, i am getting following output.    0 ports recognized; 0 target ...

nagavp by Level 4
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Resolved! Vendor Support availability.

Hi all, A small doubt... Will i get vendor support for 6.5 version(clients),but master server is netbackup 7.5. can any one share vendor supported version documents, thanks in advance. Liju Thomas.

Liju by Not applicable
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Resolved! Local Client Installation

We are having some issues with Netbackup realizing that the root password we are typing is correct when trying to do the install_client_files ssh method. When prompted for the root password info we type it in and then it says its incorrect, but we ca...