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NetBackup 8.3 product videos

Continuing with the product videos initiative that was started with NetBackup 8.2, the NetBackup documentation team has come up with 3 new videos for 8.3 security features:NetBackup CA Migration External KMS support in NetBackup Configuring SSO in Ne...

Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Restore Successful but i cant see the file .NSF

Hi Guys,I restored a .NSF file which is lotus into Lotus Domino ServerI created a testing folder on the desktop for the location. After successful restore as per netbackup console i cannot see the file that i restored.Please help us. thanks@Marianne ...

Hypeka by Level 4
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AIR with cross platform

Hi,My first master server back up to datadomain and I want replicate my images to DR site master server. DR site master server use StoreOnce. Is it possible to use AIR between this system(datadomain to storeonce). 

probck by Level 3
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Resolved! VolMove Netapp for Migration MSDP to another MSDP

Hello,I have one MSDP used but in a tempory storage, i have receive the definitive storgae so now i would like to migrate the data of the MSDP. Is that possible to done a vol move to migrate all the data ? Thx for answer.

Dackey by Level 4
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some vmware restore to are slow

Hello Team, Haven't been here for a while. But I have an issue with restores. All is on Netbackup 8.1.2, Master is a remote VM on windows 2016. The Media server is local, this is an Veritas Appliance 5240. I am restoring to a VMware VSAN. Some restor...

bmrlauncer error NO Network intfaces were discovered

Hi,I am having netbackup server NB7.6.0.4 with windows server 2008 R2, i have created SRT for one of the Client which is Winodws 7 PC and prepared bootable media after performing Prepare to Restore.While booting the Client with SRT ISO bootable media...

Resolved! Restore MSSQL error

When I restored DB of MS-SQL server, it's showed error: "  5  The restore failed to recover the requested files "and detail session as below:" Jul 02, 2020 10:06:34 AM - begin RestoreJul 02, 2020 10:06:36 AM - Info dbclient (pid=21104) INF - Results ...

HCVN_u by Level 3
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NetBackup 8.2 - SLP Backlog question

NetBackup 8.2 on a Veritas 5230 Appliance running 3.2 plus patches.I'm looking to see if there is a way to clear a backlog of SLPs that are supposed to be doing to an S3 bucket or to tape?I have a list of SLPs on a single master server with multiple ...

DPeaco by Level 6
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Resolved! Error Job "SAP" Script status = 191

Hello,I have a job with error :30-06-2020 10:38:57 - Error bpbrm (pid=130384) from client ERR - Script exited with status = 191 <no images were successfully processed>30-06-2020 10:38:57 - Error bpbrm (pid=130384) from cl...

Differential backup as full after changing client name

Hello,I have a standard backup that makes the copy of some FS mounted from NAS to a server. We have changed the server from which the copies of these FS are made after the full is done, mounting the same FS with the same names on the new server. By c...

admsd by Level 3
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Resolved! NetBackup sheduled policy are not starting

The NBU schedule service was paused.  I ran the nbpemreq -resume_scheduling command to restart the shcedule backups. My question, is it possible to find out via the NBU application who paused the policy schedules and when it was paused outside of the...

ydavid1 by Level 3
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Resolved! NetBackup Media Import - Operator Action Required

Hi... firstly, I'm running NetBackup v6.0 MP4, which is pretty old.I built my server specifically to duplicate a load of legacy backups onto newer LTO6 tapes, and that process worked perfectly well. That piece of work was completed 5 years ago.Using ...

SteveJD by Level 3
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Cloud Backup Error on Azure using CloudCatalyst

Hello CommunityWhat can cause an Issue with Cloud Duplication Failing with below Errors in esfs logsThis is usually only happening with larger uploads. Small ones are going fine.Its a BYOD Cloud Catalyst Server with Netackup 8.2 running on Linux{"lev...

Resolved! Failed to lookup VxUL message catalog after 7.7.3 to 8.2 upgrade

Hello,After an upgrade of master, media and client from 7.7.3 to 8.2 backups are running correctely but when i try to restore from all client from the java console (BAR) i have this error "Failed to lookup VxUL message catalog". I checked this thread...

generate new Host ID on client

a post last year: ...discusses re-creating a certificate for a cloned client. However, I want to go a step further and (re)generate a new Host ID on a cloned client, in order to avoid ...

sdo by Level 6
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Act Now ! How does your TCO look ?

Hello ! Welcome to a complimentary online advisory tool, with real-time statistics to equip you with a true TCO assessment. Compare total cost of ownership of a Veritas Access appliance + Veritas NBU appliance with these alternatives: Data Domain wit...