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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Protecting 44 Oracle DB instances running on 3 physical host RH 6.5

I need a solution with NetBackup to protect 44 DB instances that are running on 3 hosts with OS version RH 6.5, these hosts are connected through iSCSI to an HP 3PAR and an EMC V-MAX, we need to execute backups to disk, and if possible using NBU dedu...

jmarques68 by Level 3
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Resolved! External server backups

I've been fortunate enough to only have to worry about data that is internal to our network but we are about to deploy an external web presence that is going to include an IIS and SQL server in an external domain.  I am being told that the sql server...

Resolved! netbackup remote java console on windows server 2012

  I'm trying to connect another master server(windows 2012) from windows 2012 server using netbackup java console, I'm able to login with credentials however its just showing BAR gui of maste server. I have added the server name in master servers a...

Resolved! netbackup licensing requirement

Hello  we have 4 physical window 2012 servers in a cluster ( 2 servers per cluster) hosting 3 oracle databases each  . Those servers need to be backed up by one netbackup instance. On our DR site we have two servers needing to be backed up by one in...

Resolved! nbazd going down

Hi Guys, I am using netbackup master version 7.1, nbazd is going down at times but not very often, When i check the logs, it says the following.   09/12/15 18:32:51 VxSS-vxazd ERROR V-18-3004 Error encountered during ACI repository operation. 09/1...

Resolved! Migrating Vcenter

Dear Team, We have a netbackup infrastructure in which VM backups are running. Netbackup version- Netbackup appliance version - Esxi version -5.1 Current V-Center vesrion -5.1 We are planning a migration of vcenter and the new vc...

susotest by Level 3
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Resolved! NBU installation in i586 architecture

Hi gurus, We were trying to install nbu7.6.0.1 in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2 (i586), but failed. “ERROR:   Detected an attempt to install incorrect platform and/or          operating system and version client binaries on zsina17.” Please...

kkhoo by Level 5
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Exchange Backups failing with status 24

All the full backups for our Exchange 2013 mailbox databases except one are failing this weekend and I'm not sure why. I've sniffed around the logs and it seems like a possible network issue from the errors I'm seeing but I would like some more exper...

Resolved! Netbackup deduplication

Hi All,   I dont have any Netbackup deduplication appliances. My NB version is 7.6 on Linux OS platform. when I configured the NB policy There is a option Disable client side deduplication..Is it means that deduplication is working on source level...

Resolved! restore of a virtual server

Hello, I am trying to restore a VMware Virtual server. This a legacy server which we want to migrate to a newer OS. For testing purpose we need a copy of the server. We brought down the server started the backup using the vmware method. A snapshot ...

cannot make required directory(35)

Hi,   I am running a backup job (MS-Windows) and it ends up with the error: cannot make required directory(35) Where is the directory that is this job trying to create and how can i troubleshoot this error. Which log do i have to look at.   Than...

waeja by Level 3
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Resolved! Jobs are in hung state

Hi, There are jobs in hung state for particular media server. I tried following steps so far: 1. Released MDS allocation. 2.Made down the drives. 3. Stopped all NetBackup services in Media server. I know, bouncing netbackup services in master se...

NetBackup 7.7 - AdminConsole und anderes

Ein sattes Moin an alle ! Aufgrund einer neuen Backup-Hardware war mir nun auch endlich der Einsatz der allerneuesten NetBackup Version möglich. Bisher war ich noch mit unterwegs weil die Hardware kein 64bit konnte. Nun habe ich endlich ein...

Resolved! Backup and BMR status from client side

I need to to find a way to report on BMR backup status per client.  Is there a command that can be run from the client side (Windows or Linux) that will show BMR status alongside the backup status (either success or failure)? I can't even find a way...

Chris_W by Level 4
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Resolved! Frozen Media Report

Hi Experts,   Is there any report template in ops center which can provide us with the frozen media report.   Regards Automation 2015

Resolved! understanding bpduplicate command

Hi All, I have some questions. Please help me understand them When we use bpduplicate with the attribure -Bidfile file_name we mention the backup ids that need to be duplicated in the file "file_name". We have 6 drives in the library. Q. when we ...

Resolved! Unable to find and restore data I know is on tape

Hi all, I have recently duplicated a load of LTO2 tapes onto LTO6, all of which were successfully completed. However, now that I'd like to restore this data I'm not seeing all of the Backup ID's that I know should be there. I can see some of the Bac...