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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! netbackup backup job pause and resume

I started a backup job in off time data backup over the network and due to some reason it is not completed in my off time now I want backup job is suspend at specific time and again resume job from where it suspend. Please guide me how can I configur...

Resolved! Backup for the Win2K12 server is failing with Status 1

Backup for WIN2K12 client server is completing partially with the below warnings in job details: 5.6.2015 8:13:30 PM - Info bpbkar32(pid=4824) not using change journal data for <C:\>: not enabled    5.6.2015 8:13:30 PM - Info bpbkar32(pid=4824) not...

Aioca by Not applicable
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Resolved! Optimized duplication failure

dda01 => dda02 ( Being replicated via Data Domain replication option for long) Both DD690 ,  OS -, OST -, Servers - Winodws 2008 R2 SP1 All hostname and IP's are mentioned in the host setting on the DD Updated the Fl...

Resolved! Media ID A00013 requested for new tape write?

Greetings, I'm simply trying to backup a server share to a tape. The share is local to the NBU 7.1 server, and the backup tape drive is a single drive unit attached directly to the backup server. When executing the backup, the job is paused with th...

Oestec by Level 3
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Resolved! Slow backup speed

We are using netbackup 7.6.1 on a windows 2008 master server. Backups run fine except on two windows 2012 R2 physical servers. The speed we are getting is about 500 kb/sec. Any idea what to look for? These are relatively small servers (less than 500...

Robotic library is down on server

hello, from two days I have a problem with one drive on Oracle Storagetek SL3000 library. Problem description: I launched manually duplication that write a copy on tape td10000: root@sgemop54 # bpduplicate -backupid salvmp131-bk491_1367557201 -ds...

stucci by Level 6
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Resolved! BMR Point In Time

Hi, Anyone knows how to change client configuration for BMR Point in Time Recovery? Because mine is greyed. Also tried to change the configuration component such Volumes that not greyed out, but not showing any windows.  

MSI_iqbal by Level 5
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Resolved! how to configure dhcp for NBU, what is dhcp used for?

Hi, My NBU master server, BMR master/boot server and NBU clients are using static IPs. Detailed info is listed below. NBU master/media BMR master/boot server IP: GATEWAY= NETMASK= NBU clients: 10.2...

Resolved! Netbackup and Global File Sharing software

we have Netbackup implemeneted in our enviroment and our currently looking at centralizing our  data and simplify infrastructure management while delivering Global File Sharing with central File Locking to the branch office workforce . We are...

yobole by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup Server on Linux

Hello, I've installed Netbackup server software and wanted to know is there one command to UNINSTALL the server software, instead of doing each individual package?   Thank You In Advance!  

Resolved! User chose not to trust the CA

I found the bpnbat command through this thread:   It looks like my cert has expired... (Linux)root@kronos:/usr/openv/var/vxss/credentials> /usr/op...

spitman by Level 5
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NetBackup for Microsoft SQL Server

Does Symantec have any major product updates in the works re: the NetBackup for Microsoft SQL Server?   We are comparing the product to backup solutions from database-specific vendors like RedGate and Idera.  Looking for better capabilities in a ce...

Resolved! Finding backup from a seperate SU when restoring files in BAR

I have a backup scenario with a master server and 2 media servers with several client servers being backed up with different policies writing to disk on these 2 media servers. Here's my problem I have 2 different policies backing up different file se...

trainey by Not applicable
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Resolved! Master server is only connecting to bpcd on client

Hello ,   When I am trying to telnet from master server to client I am able to connect only on bpcd port . Not able to connect on vnetd and pbx ports. Still backup is getting is successfull. Can you please explain how ?   [root@phxfislnbuma01 ad...

Resolved! vmware backup failure error code 156

Hello experts NBU master os win2008, nbu version, vmware backups goes to NBU appliance 5220. around 40 vm machines are backedup from a policy. its details are: policy type flashbackup-windows, clients selected manually from vcenter, backup se...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Resolved! Pros and Cons of Merge or Migrate of Catalog

Hi All, I am working on a hardware refresh for one of our NBU domain. I would like to know the pros and cons of Catalog Migarion over Catalog Merge. I would like to have a discussion thread which lists the the timeline, risks, overall implementatio...

jafferali by Level 3
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