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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! unable to allocate new media

HI After added 4 drives LTO6, i configured a policy to use LTO6 for backup. Media and drive densities have HCART3 density and the drives are up. When i launched the backup, i have an error : 29 oct. 2013 17:23:51 - Info nbjm (pid=17804) starting back...

mouna by Level 4
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Netbackup not releasing Virtual Drives

Hi all, This is the issue: Netbackup servers (Linux RH) Netbackup backup hosts is a virtual Machine (Windows 2008 R2) running NBU Client Backups start and the VMDrives are mounted in the backup host (using hotadd), backup complete but...

evargas by Level 4
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Resolved! NDMP cumulative incremental backups of Netapp

We are backing up large number of NetApp snapshot (SnapVault) through NDMP, for NetApp Filer FAS2040. Backup selection is : /Vol/volname/.snapshot/daily.o (this is static and same for Full and Cumulative backup in a policy) We have monitored the back...

GV89 by Level 4
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Failed to backup Shadow Copy Compenents / System State

HI All, I have browse a lot and still can't find the solutions. I am encountered problem to backup Shadow Copy Compenents or Sytem State for numbers of my WIndows Client. It will direct to error code 13,50,156. My Master and Media Server is using Net...

Resolved! Restore image preview list on CLI - UNIX

Hi all, is there a way on command line to find out where the images for a restore reside like the "Preview Button" on the GUI? I'm could not find this option in the bp command line user interface bp. Thanks ... Regards, Martin 

Resolved! Unable to view policies and client host

Hi All, I have NBU v6.5.4 running on Solaris 10. i have these 2 issues where everytime i select policy or client (host properties) they are not visible. Then the error is as attachment. Anyone encounter this issue before?

Email Notification randomly missing for catalog backup

Hi all, I'm having some issue with the email notification as mentioned in the title. Currently I'm using blat.exe.  NetBackup version: OS: Windows 2008 blat version: Blat v3.1.1 Anyone kindly help on this. Thanks

angelguard by Level 2
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Resolved! Question about Moving Images to Tape

I am using Netbackup on Red Hat Linux.  I am trying to copy backup images to a tape library from a Quantum DXi Disk Backup unit.  I have set up two Quantum DXi units to replicate between each other using a storage life cycle policy.  I see ho...

Resolved! SLP Expiration date seems to be off

I'm running Netbackup and using SLP's to backup my primary copy 1 and duplicate copy 2 for offsite. Copy 1 has a retention of 1 year and Copy 2 has a retention of 2 months. When I look in BAR or bpimagelist the retention date is displayed fro...

Symantec Vault - auto-eject process

Hello all - this is for Symantec Vault (not Enterprise Vault) - the extra addon to simplify duplications and eject tapes automatically...   It works very well, we've had it for 6 months. One tiny issue is that the auto-eject will eject the tape no ma...

Netbackup Solution

Hi, I created a design for netbackup setup so kindly some one please review the same.   With Regards Subrat

Resolved! CLIENT SORTED IN POLICY   Many, many months ago (probably NB4.5, maybe even NB5.1?), the sequence in which clients were 'input' in the Policy determined the order in which the jobs ran...

Arun_K by Level 6
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Resolved! Issue with DSSU

I was trying to remove some DSSU storage units from our environment, which are mounted on my master server. I don't see any valid entries in the catalog for that storage unit (media ID).   I tried the below articles but still no luck. Still the DSSU ...

DPO by Level 6
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Resolved! FlashBackup for Windows

How can I confirm the Windows environment which supports flashbackup? The snapshot client compatibility list doesn't specify Windows version or filesystem / Volume Manager to support FlashBackup. Regards, Masam...

Problem ejecting tapes

my issue in this post: resolved automatically .  But when i eject tapes. Netbackup showing operation successful but in MAP no tape. do i ha...

NBU Accelerator for DataDomain

Accelerator is now be supported by DataDomain with Plig-in v2.6 on HCL. I would like to confirm that physical full backup will not have to be done forever at this accelerator with DataDomain.  In this case, does NBU detect the changed block on the cl...