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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Slow NDMP Restore Speeds

Is an NDMP restore speed of 11577 KB/s from an LTO4 tape normal?  We perform NDMP backups utilizing the same tape drive / source volume and acheive 75812 KB/s write speeds. Here is  the log from the restore job in Activity Monitor: 04/15/2013 16:41:2...

Backup with many drives

Hi, If I have a big backup with a lot of stream in the backup selections, it is possible to allocate multiple drives for backup? Because I have more than 1.6 TB and I will like to reduce my time execution. Thanks

Resolved! Status 58 trying to restore imported image

*** Moved to new discussion from  *** Hello Marianne, I am able to see the images now but now while running the restores we ...

imashu by Level 4
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Resolved! Hyper-V Policy Type

Hello!   Need some help. I inherited a Server 2003 runing Netbackup It runs great! My company is moving to the Server 2008R2. So we are migrating our policies and robots to a newly built server running Netbakup 7.5.01. So far everything has ...

Resolved! Windows 2012

When will windows 2012 supoort be available for netbackup ? What version will be needed ?

Resolved! Change Tape Drive Name

Hi, I have 2 tape libraries wich 10 drives each. The NBU wizard did the configuration and now I'm able to use these 20 drives. the drives are names Drive000 -> Drive019, unfortunately the drives are mixed up, so Drive000 is Drive 5 in library 1, Driv...

Resolved! 1 Policy Multiple Clients - Various Backup Selections

Hi all, I have 1 policy with 11 clients of which most clients have different backup selections. I notice from within the backup job details for each client there is an info warning stating "TRV - object not found for file system backup". Backups comp...

Cumulative Job taking a long time

Hi all, Never had an issue like this.. My weekend full backup completed fine so last nights cumulative-incremental should only take an hour or so yet for some reason the job is estimated to be 50% the size of the full backup. Something isn't right as...

WOFB Hang Issue

Environment : WIndows 2008 R2 64 bit  NB: Netbackup We are using above configuration for netbackup and the problem is for some of the windows server i was using WOFB enabled for taking backup in and after upgrading in it was n...

Yuvi by Level 5
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Resolved! netbackup patch upgradation

hi all,   we are going for patch upgradation from 7.5 to the server is running in solaris 10. and the clients are running in solaris as well as linux could you please give me the tar file for server as well as clients. do we have different cl...

Replication Director Question

Hi, We have Netapp in our environment presenting both Block (FC) and File (CIFS) to hosts. Currently looking at NBU to manage our Snapvault/Snapmirror snapshots. I understand only CIFS/NFS is supported. Can someone explain why on CIFS/NFS? When will ...

configure NDMP tape drive paths

Hi   i have to add 4 tape drives to new nas device [ isilon - backup accelarator ] so i zone those 4 drives to both media server and isilon i don't want to dedicate those 4 to nas so how can i add extra path to this nas device. i complete the discove...

Raju_la by Level 5
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Resolved! NDMP restore failed from path UNKNOWN

Is it possible to restore NDMP into a different volume on a NetApp?  For example I'm trying to do the following on our NetApp: Backed Up: /vol/someVol/.snapshot/hourly.0/directoryRestored Restore To: /vol/someOtherVol/directoryRestored And during the...