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limiting/throttling resources for client side deduplication

Level 6

Would like to enable client side dedup on few machines which are taking long time for backups. However just worried about the fact that enabling client side dedup can consume of lot of resources like CPU, Memory. Is there a way to limit resources usage let say only 20% or something for client side dedups on client machines.


Level 6
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I'm not aware of any CPU throttling etc that can be done with client side deduplication. The only throttling i have seen in the past is for network bandwidth to be used. Unless someone else knows if this is possible?

Just from past experience of enabling this on remote clients, i can't say i have seen any issues on them with CPU/memory due to this. But always good to test on your own environment.

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why not try it out ? The decision is easy to reverse.

Memory footprint of the Netbackup client will be larger since the fingerprint cache need to do it jobs. In some cases media server deduplication has been the fastest option for some clients. - mostly VM's.

I never experienced the netbackup client being a resource hog, eventru being blamed at lot of times.