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nbu exam help

Dear friends,

now i am preparing for nbu 7 for windows (sts),previously i got failed 2 times lake of resource,can any one please help me to pass the exam by providing any dumps to prepare this exam.....i m really thankful to all....waiting for anyones help

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Hi Rishi I have recently

Hi Rishi

I have recently taken the exam. I have found the exam to be based on the 5-day Instructor-lead training course.

Try to book yourself on this course or borrow the student guides from a friend or colleague who has attented the course.

NBU exam help

Hi Rishi,

Try getting the training materials from e-book- a tool that process you the material downloads used by educational services.

To get access, please go via partnernet for the request access.



Rishi, You can complete the


You can complete the training in the partnernet and also you need to have good hands-on experience on the NBU to pass the exam.




Try read the book of official course and watch the videos of PartnerNet.

Everybody on this site is not

Everybody on this site is not a Partner - most are just end users. 

The STS exam is for

The STS exam is for partners....

Hi Rishi, I have passed this

Hi Rishi,

I have passed this exam,If you have worked on netbackup 7.0,you can easily pass this exam.

First of all,go through the GUI of Netbackup ,every option..lot of questuion are GUI based.

Also in complete the Skills Assessments  test,that will also help you to pass the exam.

Still if you have any doubt ,please ask .


Hi , I checked Skills

Hi ,

I checked Skills Assessments  test on the , its really a good one . Thanks for the information .

I tried this twice it will go upto 58 question after that in the next page its says as error .  Anybody expericening the same issue or only for me .



I recently passed the NBU 7

I recently passed the NBU 7 Certification for Unix, not really used NBU7 as yet as we are currently looking to upgrade our 6.5.5 environment, I did the self paced course which allowed me to do the course without having to take 5 days away from the office, the course did help but there were some questions on the exam which related to performance tuning etc and these were not really covered on the self study course.

I have been working with Netbackup for approx 10years now and nothing beats hands on experience.

Attitude is a small thing that makes a BIG difference

Exam "dumps" are against testing policies

I strongly encourage you to listen to your peers who have already posted responses to your inquiry.  That is, the best way to prepare for the exam is through study of the course materials, commonly referenced product documentation, and hands on experience.

Please know that Symantec documents Testing Policies on its website covering confidentiality, conduct and other Symantec policies. Many of those policies are also part of the exam Confidentiality Agreement that requires acceptance before launching an exam.  Some of the Confidentiality Agreement policies include:

  • That You may not disclose the Exam questions or answers or discuss any of the content of the Exam Materials with any person
  • That You may not distribute actual exam content via Web postings, discussion groups, chat rooms, study guides, etc.
  • Not to obtain from any other source other Symantec Corporation the Exam materials, questions or answers

Symantec may use exam statistics to identify anomalies in the exam results and candidate exam response time is subject to being measured and recorded. Symantec reserves the right to validate certification, accreditation, and authorization exam results and timing to complete an exam. If Symantec determines that any misconduct has occurred, Symantec reserves the right to determine if an award will be granted. Penalties for violating any policy can include up to and including a lifetime ban on all future exams and the nullification of all previous certifications, accreditations, and/or authorizations.