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unable to vmglob delete.


Device is about to be deleted.
Name, if no host information is available, is there a way to delete it?

* Not even on the emmdb list.

vmglob -b -listall

drive   -                     VD0FDAV1447BVW00122       -

drive   -                     VD0F6AV1447BVW00122       -




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Re: unable to vmglob delete.

erm I spend quite some time with vmglob in the 5.x days did not know it's still a thing in 7.x

Did you try to unload the EMM and grep it to find out which table these items are in?

This could suggest the method of deletion.


Re: unable to vmglob delete.


When you say you want to delete device, but there is no host information, what exactly do you mean, has the media server been removed ?

Does any command show the drive details, run from th emedia server the drive is connected to if it is still available.

tpconfig -d

tpconfig -emm_dev_list

If tpconfig -d shows the drives you wish to delete, and you can see the drive index (the number on the left or each drive) you can try:

tpconfig -delete -drive <drive index>