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Resolved! Combo "client backups" and "catalog" report?

Has anyone written a report that combines "client backups" with the "stored on" information from the Catalog screen?Specifically, what I'm looking for is we resently decided to completely phase out tapes but I have some long-term tapes out there that...

D_Flood by Level 6
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opscenter remote collection

Dear Community, I have a question regarding opscenter remote data collection. We have an opscenter server in Geneva (C), it collects data from Geneva backup servers (D). it works fine. We also have netbackup servers in Nevada (A) but these servers do...

Tape Written Report GUI vs Client Backup Report from Opscenter.

Hi Team,  I am trying to understand which report to rely on. There is a discrepancy in what I get when I select a date range of 1 month in Reports-->Tape Reports--> Tapes Written it gives me a report when I sum it up it is different from what I get w...

Sid1987 by Level 6
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Duplicate reports being sent out automatically

Ops Center Analytics Version 7.7.2 running on Linux Server.Since last few days we are having weired issues where we are getting duplicate reports being sent out by ops centre.We had certain reports added in schedule and we used to get the reports eve...

nbu123 by Level 5
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OpsCenter report: VMware backed up via IP address

I saw the post for custom reports and have been trying to add new custom reports to my OpsCenter. I'm copying the custom report script below in case it is helpful for an...

X2 by Moderator
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Opscenter Migration

Dear All  ,Have migrated the Opscenter 7.7.3 from Windows 2008 to Linux Server but i am Unable to login with the exsiting domain user from LInux Server. Can anyone let me know how will i proceed further with login in Opscnter on Linux Server with Exs...

Ops Center Alert - Disk Pool space

Hello,I configured an Ops policy alert that should generates an alert when disk volume space is below a percentage value and also sends an email.The problem is that Ops sends an email every 15 minutes even if percentage value doesn't change.Maybe Ops...

babaloo by Level 0
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OCA & Grafana

Hi, Anybody have experience of using Grafana with OCA? We are looking to display dashboards or reports onto some big monitors for our customer. Looking to understand best way of doing this? Thanks in advance

Resolved! OPS Center SQL Query for custom report

Hi, Can someone help to provide a Ops center SQL query, where I can get report with below columns :Client Name ; Policy Name ;  Policy Type ; Backup Selection ; Last Good Backup.

MJaggi by Level 3
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Opscenter(SQL Help) Amount of data backed up per month.

Hi All,Fairly new to OpsCenter and Netbackup.  I am looking for a SQL query to measure the amount of data backed up by our media server per year, for say last 3 or 4 years or 5yrs.  The right parameters are not available in OpsCenter to use to genera...

301 by Level 3
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