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Question regarding

Hi Team, Please advise,is that ok to install the Opscenter in a single server 2003 and get all the backup status to the server that have a backup installed? and what would be the requirement? please advise:-( i've found article about this:http://www....

Agent47 by Level 4
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Connecting OpsCenter securely with multiple backup servers

I have few questions on setting up a centralized OpsCenter monitoring solution for our Backup Environment.  Please help me with the following:   1)  We have multiple datacenter and I want to monitor all the backup servers in one OpsCenter (centralize...

NB SQL query help with OpsCenter Analytics NDMP job report

As many of you know NDMP backups are a different than most backups.  The one factor is that when a NDMP job ends with a Status Code 99 and then reruns it has a new Job ID.  Has anyone created a series of SQL queries that looks at a NDMP Policy that h...

tgalu by Level 2
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Resolved! Opscenter SQL query for unassigned Tapes

Hi, I have windows 2008 R2 NetBackup Master running version.Opscenter also has the same version. I have 2 SL500 library TLD 0 and TLD 1.....And I dont use scratch volume pool instead directly assign tapes to required volume pools. I would lik...

Sughi by Level 4
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Resolved! OpsCenter issues after upgrading to

Opscenter (Windows) NetBackups (Solaris) Recently upgraded OpsCenter Analytics from to Since then we've been having issues with the 3 NBU Master servers losing connection each night, and also some data collections fai...

bpdown by Level 4
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OpsCenter Analytics 7.5 Install Missing Keystore File

Hi All,   We have just completed installing OpsCenter Analytics 7.5 with an eval key. Whilst the install completed successfully the Webserver service is not running. Upon checking the logs, it appears that the Keystore file is missing. Does anyone kn...

Tina_K by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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Opscenter reports

We have a report configured in Opscenter that sends out everyday to report failed jobs.  For the most part it works quite well, however, recently we began using NBU for vmware and not instead of a specific server being listed as a failure, all that i...

Remote Connection to OpsCenter

Question I have went though the admin guide, and I have search around but I am not sure this has been asked.   We are not your tipical help desk where I works we do a little of everything. I just installed OpsCenter on or Netbackup server and...


We need help in order to create a custom report at OPS , attached you will find a template of the report as our Management team asked to be created. We have bought Analytics License and all our efforts for the creation of the custom reports have fail...

m_karampasis by Level 4
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Resolved! Media Utilization Report in Ops Center

I am new to Opscenter/Netbackup and would like to pull a media utilization report for the last 1 or 3 months. The report should have the following consolidated details: Master Server Name - Media Backedup- Media Available I tried digging into Opscent...

Resolved! Deleting OpsCenter reports

I have never been able to successfully delete any reports I've created in OpsCenter.  After I click Delete Report, the page refreshes and the report is still there.  Does anyone have any ideas why that would be, or have had any success of their own?

Methos8 by Level 4
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Versions supported by OpsCenter Analytics.

Hi, I'm planning an implementation of OpsCenter Analytics to send SNMP alerts to monitor servers with TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) and BackupExec. I read that in the next releases of Opscenter, those backup tools wont be supported, do you know anythi...

OpsCenter Vault Report

Hi. I have several reports running and being sent from OpsCenter 7.5 over NBU I was wondering on why my Vault Report (the deafult one) never have information on it. Does anyone use it? Does it work without any change (default values)? Thanks...

SAF by Level 3
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Resolved! OpsCenter DataBase temporary files out of /tmp

OpsCenter running on Linux SUSE creates some temporary files under /tmp/.SQLAnywhere which look like   ./opscenter_plsys ./opscenter_plsys/shmem ./opscenter_plsys/shmem/shm_00000001 ./opscenter_plsys/shmem/shm_00000002 ./opscenter_plsys/f...

Resolved! Help with OpsCenter Reports

I need to generate two reports that OpsCenter seems to be missing.   One report is a Frozen Tape report. The second report is a Scratch Tape report.   Can anybody give me pointers on how to create these?

symantec opscenter not working

Symantec OPs center is not working. To fix it, I followed below tech note. However, getting below error # /opt/VRTS/install/installat -configure Can't locate CPI/common/CPI.p...

Ops Center changing date on me when I edit a report

Any time I try to run a report for February, it changes to March.  So a 2/6 report becomes 3/6.  Happens for every date I try in February.  March reports stay as March reports.   NBU 7.1.  Ops Center 7.1