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Some way to tell how many tapes I am using a month

I am about to separate my DEV envrironment and PROD environment.  We are going to create two logical libraries and I am trying to figure out how many tapes we are using a month so we can make sure we have enough new tapes to rename for one of the env...

Ops Center Ana

Has anyone found a class that will help you manipulate report templates into what you want. I'm having the hardest time creating reports to show the data I essentially need.

jounix by Level 3
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Opcenter Hardware requirements

Hi,   Do someone know the hardware requirements for Opcenter?   CPU: Diskspace: Mem:     Thx in advance!   Kind regards, Loko32

loko32 by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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OpsCenter and Multiple Masters

I have 3 master servers (1 in the local domain adn 2 in DMZs in different locations). Can OpsCenter be configured to access all three servers from the same session, or is the only way to do it is with individual sessions? We are using basic, not Anal...

OpsCenter Backup Status Code help not found

Hi, I recived an error that the documentation of the status codes could not be found in OpsCenter 7.1: HTTP Status 404 - /opscenter/help/de/statuscodes/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm OpsCenter is running on 2k8R2 64   The solution is simply to cop...

Using OpsCenter/Analytics to show backup times

Hello, Does anyone know how to use Ops Center/Analytics to create a report that will show what time the first backup starts and what time the last backup finishes?  It seems it should be a modification of the backup window report but looking for any ...

new2nbu by Level 4
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Ops Analytics 7.0.1

I would like to create a report for failed backups but the report needs to exclude some failed jobs. e.g error code 150 which are jobs that are cancelled by administrator

Thornt by Not applicable
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OpsCenter7.1 audit trail for NBU6.5.3

I've recently upgraded our OpsCenter to v7.1.  One of the new features we are interested in this version is Audit Trail Report.   I have one master server running NB6.5.3.  While trying to enable the audit trail via "Manage>Host", the page shows "Mas...

chengfr by Level 3
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Email Distribution List

Am I missing something.... VBR had the capability of creating email distribution list - OpsCenter 7.1 - cant find this, which means all reports will have to be populated individually with the required recipients. I am currently checking all my VBR re...

Partner Accredited Certified
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CPS 12.5 to OPSCentral Analytics

Please forgive the basic nature of my questions.  I do not have the hardware or software to discover this myself AND I am not a storage guy. We have a few hundred servers running CPS 12.5 and an enterprising person has setup the free version of OPSCe...

Changing Date Format in OpsCenter

How do you change the date format within NetBackup OpsCenter? Our OpsCenter server is configured with New Zealand regional settings with NZ date/time formats on all user and system accounts. However, within the OpsCenter interface the dates are displ...

Features required for OpsCenter monitor polices

We're running OpsCenter 7.0 for NBU6.5.x environment.  I found there are two features missing when I monitor policy 1. The filter does not have "contain" and only has "=" or "!=". This is inconvenient for filtration 2. I don't see any Storage Unit in...

chengfr by Level 3
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Editing Tape library Alias

Configuration: OpsCenter 7.1 with hotfix on AIX 64Bit 2 Windows attached libraries 11 Solaris attached libraries - physical and VTL Alias can be edited for Windows attached libraries - no problem Cannot edit Solaris attached l...

Partner Accredited Certified
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Report of Offline servers

NB 7.0.1 is there any report that tells what servers have been suspended for backups and when their resume time is scheduled for? (this is the part in the master server properties - client attributes - Offline until <date> <time>)

Resolved! Pie charts not showing on home page

NBU 7.1 Capacity OpsCenter 7.0   When I log in to OpsCenter, the only pie charts showing on the home page are Media Summary by Status, and Drive Summary by Status.   Do I need to upgrade OpsCenter to match my NBU version?  Will that fix the issue, or...

JHeaton by Level 6
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OpsCenter Restore Report Issue

Our internal audit department has a report that it runs on a quarterly basis for restore history.  On database restores the file count is always consistanly zero, but there are bytes restore reported.  Also we are seeing intermittant instances on non...

Roy_Drury by Not applicable
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