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client backup report using opscenter

Dears ,i was asked to generate  a report for the logs of backup jobs for specified client during the last 1 yearcan i genetrate report using opscenter , i would like it to include the status of jobs  , backup dateis there any custom script ?Thanks in...

Purging unwanted data from OpsCenter

Is there a method of getting rid of unrefenced servers names and other junk in OpsCenter?  Some of the server haven't existed for five years.I purge backup data after 90 days the problem is that OpsCenter hordes servers names and other junk. Thanks

Jim-90 by Level 6
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Failure alerts for specific clients

How can I setup alerting for specific job failures i.e. from a specific client.I currently use OpsCenter Analytics for reporting & alerting; but the alerts are for all clients, how can I limit alerts for only a sub-set of clients on backup failures o...

Simon78 by Level 3
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Custom Report columns with Date/Time: Time not displayed

OpsCenter 7.7.3Can someone explain why a custom report with one of the columns  "Job Status Percentage (Complete and Partial only) or Job Status Percentage (Complete only) changes the Date/Time displayed to Date only???Regards,Bert

bert_geiger by Moderator
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skipped files sql report t

Hi,Anyone can help me on how to extract an OpsCenter report tht will show the following information. Sample report.Job IDMaster ServerBackup DateBackup TypeClient NameSkipped File name Error Code123456master018/17/2017**bleep** IncClient01C:\Windows\...

IronSun by Level 1
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Tape Inventory

Looking to run a report that shows me all the Tapes currently in use and those that have been used an removed placed in lockup or off site.

Opscenter report for backups failed after 3 days?

Hi all - is there any way of creating a report in Opscenter that would show backups that have failed after 3 days?  There a report in place now that shows daily backup failures, it gets sent to an SNMP trap and then that goes on to another third part...

Resolved! OpsCenter common custom reports sort order

Opscenter 7.6 analytics; in a Report from scratch I can  specify column and sort order (ascending/descending), but I have an (also tabular) existing Public Report that, when I edit ist, does not show the above possibilities on the "Modify Display Opt...

bert_geiger by Moderator
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"disk down" alerts not working

OpsCenter 8.0 with full license running on a Windows box (actually a Media Server of one of the Masters).Two different Windows Masters with 7.7.3 (and OpsCenter Agent 7.7.3)Multiple Media Servers, Appliances, and suchRecently we had some power proble...

D_Flood by Level 6
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Images Report: Wrong Information

Hi,We have the following report to generate a list with the number of images a client has per policy:SELECT domain_jobimage.clientName AS 'CLIENT_NAME', COUNT(domain_imagecopy.imageid) AS 'NUM_IMAGES', domain_image.policyName AS 'POLICY_NAME', domain...

Tom_Egger by Level 4
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Regarding Ops Center

Hello all, I am using the Netbackup Ops Center for genrating reports. I have a Vault profile that is basically Duplicating the I basically need the following in the excel sheet:1)media ids that is used for the Duplication2) backup ids that has been D...

Looking to report on Success Rate for weekend full backups

I've been playing around with Opscenter 7.7 to get a 1-line report per master server on the success rate. The problem I was having was that the backups span across midnight so I was getting 2 lines per NBU domain. I managed to get around that for the...

zmlat by Level 4
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Resolved! Appliance Storage Utilised by Client

Is it possible, via Ops Center or Ops Center Analytics, to determine the amount of storage used on a 5230 appliance by either policy or preferably client ?If it is not possible (due to de-dup rates etc.) then is it possible to generate the same repor...

SYM-AJ by Level 5
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Need to count number of full tapes

I have a report of full tapes that need to be ejected.  I need to create another report that lists the scratch tapes to be loaded in their place.  When I try doing a count(id) the GUI give a nebulus error response.