Talk to the engineer who built that feature


Have you ever been checking something on your smartphone and thought to yourself “Why is this feature there?” or “This feature could be so much better if…” You may decide you want to inform the company of this feature, so you go online to try to contact somebody.  However, you find yourself looking at a customer support number or at a generic suggestion form.

Wouldn’t it be really cool if you could directly speak to the specific engineer who built that feature and tell him or her your idea?  Or what if you could meet regularly with the product manager responsible for all future developments pertaining to that feature?  Or maybe that feature is so important to your daily usage and the work you do, that you decide you want to be a part of how this feature’s roadmap actually takes shape.  More than likely you haven’t been able to do these things.

But if you’re a Veritas customer or partner, speaking directly to the engineers and product managers who build your solutions is now a reality.

The Veritas Customer and Partner Engagement Program was established to make it extremely easy for you to speak directly with our product teams.  Take part in feedback sessions, development reviews, surveys, focus groups, and concept validation interviews in order to make your voice heard.

Building closer relationships with our customers has never been more fundamental to the development of our solutions.  This is because the field of information management is growing at an unprecedented rate.

In 2016, 58% of executives reported that they did not have a formal customer engagement program in place, and 60% were unaware of how many customers they lost over the previous year.*

Veritas is staying ahead of the curve by working directly with you, our customers, and providing you with the opportunity to shape the future of our products. 

We know Customer needs are changing faster than most vendors are able to roll out products and their data is growing almost uncontrollably.

Data is the lifeline of our world.  I cannot stress this enough. I also cannot emphasize the fact that there are many out there that don't truly grasp the importance data plays in our everyday lives.  Whether it's from a financial, medical, environmental, defense, or technological perspective, data makes the world go round.

We have a hard time sifting through a few pictures on our phone trying to find a specific one.  Imagine millions of similar files across the world, across millions of machines, in various, languages, currencies, formats, being accessed, converted, backed up, restored, and transferred.  Imagine the sensitivity of the material, social security numbers, medical records, financial information, confidential or top secret information.  Information that has to be meticulously protected, that is only accessed by the right people, at specific and urgent times.

Privacy, protection, and information security are things regularly discussed by leading government officials and corporate moguls.  What was once a secondary concern is now at the forefront of our nightly news and technology policies.

Companies are no longer solely relying on bare metals and endless, cavernous datacenters.  Migrating to cloud environments is at an all-time high, open source solutions are no longer just being considered by small startups, and you no longer need a dictionary to find the definition of software defined.

Every organization has a specific need regarding how their data is managed and how valuable information residing within that data is utilized. 

At Veritas we want you to tell us exactly how you want to manage your data.  We want to know your biggest challenges, we want to know your objectives, we want to know what you love about our solutions, and what you hate about our solutions.  And we want to work with you directly to make sure our products effectively meet your needs.  We want to make sure the solutions we provide you do exactly what you need them to, and we want to make sure they continue to evolve as quickly as your environments do.

A few years ago we switched our development to become “Agile” one of the biggest ideologies regarding agile development is pushing out a minimum viable product.  A product that does exactly what you need it to do, no more and no less.  Because let’s face it, the more features are crammed into a product, the more money you’ll have to pay for that product, and essentially you’ll find yourself paying so much more for things you don’t even need.

But to understand what features you actually use we’re going to need to have a chat.  Grab some coffee and open up to us.  Be honest and tell it to us straight; trust us we can handle it.

There is truth in information.  We are on a mission to capture as much feedback/information as we possibly can, and we want you to give that information to the right people; the ones that directly impact the products you rely on to keep your information safe, secure, available, organized, and relevant.

So go ahead, join the Veritas Customer and Partner Engagement Program and talk to the engineer who built that feature.  Let your voice be heard, we are listening.


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*Convero 2016 Customer Engagement Study