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Best Way to Break Mirror for a Backup

Level 4
We are using Storage Foundation for Windows 5.0 and we do not have the snap option yet.    Given the basic version of the product, we want to know what is the best method for breaking a mirror to take a backup of a large volume. 
We developed a script that works quite well that stops all applications that use the volume, then breaks off the disk we want to backup using vxassist with syntax:
             vxassist -g<dynamic-disk-group-name> break <sourceVol:> !targetDisk DriveLetter=<tempVol:>
I have two questions on this:
1) Other documents I have read seem to recommend slightly different approaches.   Is there a problem with breaking the mirror as above?
2) I am confused by the meaning of the ! operator.  In most vxassist commands the ! means exclude.   In vxassist break however the ! operator seems to force the command to *use* the targetDisk and not to exclude it.   Why the inconsistency?