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SFHA Solutions 6.2: Symantec Storage plug-in for OEM 12c

Level 3

Symantec Storage plug-in for OEM12c enables you to view and manage the Storage Foundation and VCS objects through the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c (OEM), which has a graphical interface. It works with the Symantec Storage Foundation and High Availability 6.2 product suite.

The Symantec Storage plug-in allows you to:

  • SmartIO: manage Oracle database objects using SmartIO.
  • Snapshot: create point-in-time copies (Storage Checkpoint, Database FlashSnap, Space-optimized Snapshot, and FileSnap) of Oracle databases using SFDB features
  • Cluster: vew cluster-specific information.

You can get the plug-in by downloading the attached file.

For more information about installing and using the plug-in, download the attached Application Note.

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