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Resolved! Import disk group failure

Hello everyone!  When I finished disk group configuration, I cannot find disk group until I imported by manual,but after rebooting server,I couldn't find the disk group only if I imported again.following are my operations.Also the RVG was DISABLED un...

Resolved! VXVM gives trouble in solaris11.2

Hi,     I have installed VXVM6.0.1 SF with trial version on Solaris11.2 in VMWare workstation. While installing the installer asked to set lwp_default and stksize to 0x8000. I have done it and completed installation successfully without any issue. A...

vinothtv by Not applicable
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Resolved! How to extend Disk in VXVM

HI,   I have 1 Lun with size 120GB, on that LUN we have 1 Disk group with 4 DB volume, now i want to extend the size of "DISK" not DG nor Volume.Can i extend Disk size from 120 G B to 200 GB??? If yes, thn please share POA also... Thanks in Advan...

Tiger09 by Level 4
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Resolved! How to use fsdb to repair VxFS file system?

The symantec offcial Manaul page of fsdb command is very simple with little information about its usage. Is there any guide to use fsdb command on all OS platform (i.e. AIX, HPUX ,Linux etc...) ? How to use fsdb to repair VxFS file system? My ult...

xhawk by Level 4
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Resolved! Linux host shows more number of paths than actual

my linux host RHEL 6.4 , has EMC Symmetrix DMX800 luns provisioned. 2 HBA ports are seeing luns on the 2 array ports , thus making it 4 paths per lun. Instead OS sees it as 36 paths. Same luns are also assigned to another host, there i see it corre...

user90210 by Level 2
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problem with starting vxconfigd

Hello! i have a problem with starting vxconfigd daemon # # vxconfigd VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-8561 ddl_fill_dmp_info: Path 0x1f021000 not found in devlist FAKE_ENCLR_SNO: Error 0 VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-1589 enable failed: System error occu...

rvn by Not applicable
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Resolved! Storage Migration

Hi, We are planning for storage Migration from EMC utility 2 to utility 3 storage, all the filesystem are vxfs we are planning to mirror the old disk and new disk and sync the data and remove the old disk from mirror. Whether the new LUN size should...

kisa by Level 2
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Collection from VRTSexplorer

Dear All I have some enviornments of SFHA and VCS installed on Linux and Solaris servers. I have output of VRTSexplorer logs for every system. As the VRTSexplorer contains almost everything collected, I wanted to know if is it possible to get the fol...

Resolved! SF HA LUN limits

I’m answering a RFP over here in Brazil, and is about SF HA. The RFP asks for this: “1200 logical volumes support with 450TB of total data, per cluster subsystem”. Does SFHA support this limit?

Resolved! How to remove a QIO device file on solaris?

Hi Experts, A device file was created as a result of running the Veritas qiomkfile command: # cd /sybase/k2rpt_sql/TOR_K2RPT_UAT/sybase_devices # /opt/VRTS/bin/qiomkfile -s 2000m log06.dat.qio # ls -l log06.dat.qio lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root ...

Resolved! HP 3PAR StorServ 7000/10000 and VxDMP 3.5 / 4

I was wondering if anyone has experience using HP 3PAR StorServ 7000 / 10000 (V Class) with VxDMP 3.5, or 4.  It seems that these arrays are supported out of the box with 5 and 6.  In previous versions, the libvx3par ASL is available or embedded, but...

Resolved! Patch missing for some components

My query. I was updating SFHA 5.0 MP3RP3 with the rolling patch of MP4RP1. The patch I downloaded did not contain any instalmp or installrp script. There were respective directories in which rpms were available. I had to to rpm -Uvh *.rpm to install ...

CFS umount abnormally

  Hi everyone!   I have ten SFCFS nodes on the same version of AIX OS platform with SFRAC 5.1SP1RP3. This SFCFS cluster has two CFS resources which running on all nodes.Recently, I encounter a very strange problem for service group sg-cfs-mount01 o...

ZhangYi2012 by Level 2
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About VxFS File system Disk layout

HI! Korea Symantec partner, I have been working on  Majortech Corp( The SF6.0 about the new features and to Self-study, the following information is requested. -. Requests: VxFS file system disk layout-related architecture...

vxking by Level 2
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