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Storage Foundation Enterprise Cluster File System on Solaris x64 Intel - server doesn't boot

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I have two Dell Servers PowerEdge 6850 ( but with different Sas controller. It has PERC 5/i sas controller which is not supported out-of-the box on Solaris 10 (x64). Solaris 10 is updated with all pacthes from Sun.
So we had to use Disk Update CD (
megaraid_sas/megaraid_sas_8888elp/index.html?remote=1&locale=EN) to be able to see disks. This machine also has two QLogic QLE2462 HBA 4Gb cards which are connected to EMC Clarion CX3-40 which is on V6.24 through McData FC switch 4700. Both servers see the same luns on EMC and we wanted to use Veritas Cluster File System on those machines. Idea is to use Veritas DMP for access to luns. We also wanted to use Veritas Cluster File System between two servers on those EMC luns. For now I have Demo codes for Veritas CFS.
Here is my problem: After the installation of Storage Foundation Cluster Files System V5.0 without any Veritas patches, my servers don't want to boot. Last lines I see on the screen are:
LLT INFO V-14-1-10009 LLT Protocol Available
GAB INFO V-15-1-20021 GAB Available
And machine is waiting here.
If I use power button, the machine says that it will try to reboot, but it can't (so only hard reset works).

I have used ./installer -installonly for installation and ./installer -configure to configure VXFS but I didn't configure VCFS before reboot.

I have now returned machine to the state before Veritas installation using flar's. Is this configuration supported?
Do I need to change any configuration files before reboot and after ./installer -configure? Do we need to change something on EMC or /kernel/drv/* files?
Do I need to install rolling pathces for anything before I reboot? I see that MP1/MP2 are not for Solaris 10 (intel x64).

Did this happend because of:


Level 3
After the investigation of why nothing is working, here is what I found:
1. My two machines are Intel Xeon - 64bit with Solaris 10 x86 u4. I have added qLogic drivers for QLE2462 HBA and all 4 connections show the same disk on EMC Clarion.
2. I have disabled MPxIO in /kernel/drv/fp.conf
3. EMC PowerPath installation freezes Solaris, this is why we reinstalled the boxes and didn't install PowerPath again
4. Installation of Solaris 10 (which starts as 32 bit kernel) also freezes if HBA's are connected to EMC through McData. Installation is working only if HBA's are disconnected. After Solaris is installed, we can connect HBA's and I see 4 disks even after reboot's.
5. Why my Veritas Storage foundation Cluster File System doesn't work is this:
When the installation starts to install VRTSvxvm package, it comes to the postinstall faze where it tries to add_drv vxdmp and tries to check if the driver is loaded with modinfo|grep . add_drv and modinfo process freezes and vxvm doesn't load vxio and vxspec drivers. It doesn't do anything after modinfo in the postinstall since vxdmp driver freezes. This is why after the installation I still have !I-Lock! in /var/sadm/pkg/VRTSvxvm and all packgages that depend on vxvm don't install. vxconfigd also doesn't start since there is no /dev/vx/info and any devices since vxspec/vxio drivers doesn't get loaded.
After reboot Solaris also freezes when it tries to load vxdmp driver, because vxdmp drivers are loaded in /etc/system.

Is there a whey to install vxvm without vxdmp and can I use MPxIO instead?

Line in postinstall is 509 where it tries to add_drv -m '* 0640 root sys' vxdmp.
Are there any problems with multipathing from Veritas or EMC with my HBA's?

I also have some messages /add_drv/rem_drv currently busy; try later and /tmp/AdDrEm.lck files exists.

Please help. When MP1 will be released for Intel Solaris, not the sparc version?

Level 3
Hi all,

after deeper investigation, I found out that it looks like vxdmp driver has problems with QLogic 4GB cards:
(e1137522) scsi command from DMP results in a check condition with "Undecodable sense information" when qlogic 4G HBA cards
My question is now: how can I install patch, if original package doesn't get fully install? 
Can I somehow combine package and patch 128060-02?
Can I integrate them? I hope you are not all on the Kick Off meeting