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Resolved! Using "Unbuffered" (Direct I/O) with RAC + SFRAC

Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC 5.1 Oracle RAC Currently, MountOpt="mincache=direct" is not set in My questions here are: - Would it make a difference in write performance if the above option was set (for file systems ...

kkhayer by Level 2
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Resolved! Splitting large CFS cluster

Hiya, I've been tasked with splitting are large CFS cluster (SLES11/SFS 5.1), no application service groups thankfully, just CFS sg's... I've identified where the splits can be made and the first task will be to take 2 nodes out of the large cluster ...

Resolved! Storage Foundation Basic

I am looking at implementing Storage Foundation Basic on some of our systems that fit the requirements for it but one question I have is wheter or not it supports Mirroring. I assume it does, but wanted to make sure. Thanks

Resolved! VxVM 4.1 and Solaris upgrade

Hello, I've inherited a Sun Ultra 80 with an A1000 array attached.  The 80 is running Solaris 8 with VxVM 4.0.  I'm comfortable with Solaris but have lots of reading to do on VxVM.....that I can handle...   My problem is that the 80 needs to be upgra...

Resolved! vxvm root mirroring

team , we having sun sparc server with root disk is mirored using vxvm 4.1. yesterday server went down abnormally and not booting from either root disk or root mirror .we tried all options to make server up but failed to bring server up .Finally thou...

ragku by Not applicable
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Many DMP paths are disable

Hi, I am facing issue with DMP paths. There are 2 types of SAN sttached with the affected system, XP & EMC. No issue with XP. But EMC's one or more paths are disable. [root@lme0020 tmp]# vxdmpadm getsubpaths all|grep -v ENABLED|wc -l 164 [root@lme0...

vxdg import failing with cloned disk

Hello, Experiencing a problem where I deported a diskgroup in order for it to be refreshed by an EMC BCV (clone) - on import it produced an error.  Solaris 10 (sparc), vxvm 5.1 box01:# vxdisk -o alldgs -e list DEVICE       TYPE           DISK       ...

Resolved! VSF Oracle RAC Upgradation ....

I have Solaris 10 with update 3 and Oracle RAC 10g Relaese 2 Also VSF 5.0 MP1 . I want upgarde above setup with Solaris update 9 or 10 and Oracle RAC 11g and VSF 5.1 SP1 . What is the best practice should be carried out for upgrdation from VSF 5.0 MP...

vinods by Level 5
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Resolved! Plex disabled stale while volume is enabled active

Hi All,   After a power outage i have a situation that the plexes went in disabled stale state while the volume is enabled active.   I've tried to fix clean the plex but then it says volume is enabled, anyways it's right because the volume is fine. A...

SaGu by Level 3
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Resolved! resolving "Data Corruption Protection Activated"

Hello, recently I've noticed a number of servers giving the error below: VxVM vxdisk ERROR V-5-1-14519  Data Corruption Protection Activated - User Corrective Action Needed VxVM vxdisk INFO V-5-1-14521  To recover, first ensure that the OS device tr...

p033692 by Level 2
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Resolved! vxconfigd not starting on reboot

I have Volume Manager 4.1 running on a Solaris 10 with Sun Cluster.  This is a 2 node cluster and one node is fine, however on the second node vxconfigd fails to start on reboot.  The odd part is that vxconfigd starts and works fine if I manually sta...