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Resolved! Upgrade RHEL 4.6 to RHEL 4.8 for VCS 4.1

I have installed Symantec Storage Foundation v.4.0 for Linux, Veritas Cluster Servises 4.1 with oracle agents on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 update 6. Can I upgrade the operating system to RHEL 4 update 8, without any problems? Where can I find a docu...

Resolved! No complete snapshot mirrors are available

# vxsnap  -g pri_cluster_resource1 rmmir DB ends up with "No complete snapshot mirrors are available" vxprint shows:   [root@sclodb2 ~]# vxprint Disk group: my_cluster_resource TY NAME         ASSOC        KSTATE   LENGTH   PLOFFS   STATE    TUTI...

J_dude by Level 1
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Minimum stwidth for RAID 0 (Striping) with 2 Disks

Hi, I have a situation here where the recommended block size of the file system to be created is 2 KB and the volume layout is recommended to be stripe. The file system to be used is Veritas File System. Is it possible to create a striped (raid 0) vo...

Resolved! Disk group has no valid configuration copies

Hi, We have a 2 node VCS + CVM cluster. 2 nodes are writing to 2 shared disks which contains a shared dg and a volume. I copied/replicated all contents of these 2 disks to 2 remote disks. 2 remote disks are seen by a remote host which is a stand-alon...

sunillp by Level 3
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Resolved! Mounting a Volume after reboot

Hello list   I want to learn more about Veritas Storage Foundation Basic. First to test if will be useful for my projects and second to get the knowledge. It hink it could be very useful on a larger XEN environment Step one So under VMware Worksation...

Resolved! VxVM not detecting newly add LUN

Configuration details - OS - HP-UX B.11.23 U ia64 VxVM version 5.0 Problem description- Added a new 70GB LUN from EMC CX-380 to the host. diskinfo /dev/rdsk/c19t5d6 SCSI describe of /dev/rdsk/c19t5d6: vendor: DGC product id: CX3-80WDR5 ...

timus by Level 4
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Resolved! How to recover volume

df -k in solaris, vol01 was I/O error. After replaced diskarray controller. The vol01 still can not been used. How to do next using vxvm to recover volume? Maybe use command vxrecover?   Thank you

vxdisksetup error

Hi, I am having problem initializing the disk with "vxdisksetup".  These are the LUNS which were removed from veritas & storage , and have been re-allocated back to the same system.  I can see the disks from OS and also in veritas but with "error" st...

nmcherla by Level 3
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Resolved! Veritas storage foundation for Oracle RAC

I am trying to test and understand how SFRAC works and am trying to install Oracle RAC 11.2 on VMware ESXi 4.0. What I would like to know is:   1. Will Veritas storage foundation BASIC work for Oracle RAC? If not where can I get a developemnt version...

Resolved! VxVM vxdisksetup ERROR V-5-2-3535 c1t2d0s2: Invalid dmpnodename for disk device c1t2d0.

 # vxdisk list | grep -i disk_1 Disk_1       auto:none       -            -            online invalid    # vxdisk -e list | grep -i disk_1 Disk_1       auto      -             -            online       c1t2d0s2  # prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c1t2d0s2 * /d...

sandy321 by Level 4
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Resolved! vxdisk list showing dgdisabled

heres the vxdisk list output  DEVICE       TYPE      DISK         GROUP        STATUS c0t0d0s2      sliced    disk1         rootdg         online c0t1d0s2    sliced     disk2         appdg        online dgdisabled   vxprint -ht not working for app...

splendor by Not applicable
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Resolved! vxdbd high cpu usage @ hpux

  There is evidence vxdbd daemon is consuming too much cpu and following its behaviour has many EPIPE errors on writes. See first column: $ grep " write" ./pid.12331  | awk '{print $4,$5, $7, $9, $16,$17}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn 45355 pid=12331 ...

alizarra by Not applicable
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Resolved! Unable to Add New HDD into RAID 5 DG

Hi All,   There was one Disk failed in RAID 5 DG. Which was replaced , Current vxprint -htg raid 5 output shown as below.   bash-2.03# vxprint -htg raid5 dg raid5        default      default  73000    1019571721.1080.DEV-ADC dm raid501      -       ...

Resolved! SFRAC 3 Node GCO

Hi,   I'd like to find out if its possible to install a SFRAC GCO (VVR) with 2 Nodes in one site and only 1 Node in the DR site.   I'm thinking that Oracle RAC might have some issues with this?   O/S Linux RedHat 5 DB Oracle RAC 10G (dont know if its...

RiaanBadenhorst by Moderator
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Resolved! User not able to mount a VX disk in linux

In Rel 5.5 Linux I can give a user the ability to mount a file system as long as I have the correct entries in the fstab file. cat /etc/fstab file /dev/emcpowera1 /gfs1 ext3 rw,user,noauto 0 0    This one works but the next one does not. /dev/vx/dsk/...