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HBA port number by VXVM 5.0

I am new to VxVM 5.0 DMP and looking answer for the following questionsHow to get Host Bus Adaptor Ports using VxVM 5.0 DMP?How to get the LDEVs associated with a path in VxVM 5.0 DMP?How to get CHA ports associated with a path in VxVM 5.0 DMP?Messag...

path failure in VxVM 5.0 DMP

HiHow to distingiush whether the path was disabled by admin or it was disabled due to any error.When we execute # vxdisk path the o/p isSUBPATH DANAME DMNAME GROUP STATE-------------------------------------------------------------------------------c1...

Storage fundation basic on DEBIAN

Hello all :) , i am running Debian and i realy realy want to use veritas on it , but i see that is only for RH and suse :( , there are any possibilities to perform the instalation on debian ??? Thanks a lot. Pd. Sorry for my english. Christian

cdd1985 by Not applicable
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SFW + MSCS documentation ambiguous

HiOn "Veritas Storage Foundation ™ and High Availability Solutions Quick Recovery and MSCS Solutions Guide for Microsoft SQL"at Page 212 I find istruction to create MSDTC Resources"Right-click Cluster Group, click New, and click Resource"......."In t...

Giubec by Not applicable
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SFHA SQL Cluster: Can't find database server from app

Hey gang,I've got a 2-node SQL cluster running SFHA 5.0.  The cluster itself appears to be running well and I've run the necessary sp_dropserver/addserver commands in SQL management studio.  (SQL 2005 SP2).I'm attempting to reach the database from th...

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Resolved! Storage Foundation - Solaris - Upgrade

Hello, I have a customer that will upgrade their SF 4.0 MP2 to 4.1 MP2 on Solaris. 1- Is it possible to upgrade the binaries to version 4.1 and keep the DG's version at 4.0 ?2- After the upgrade to 4.1, is it possible to upgrade the DG's from version...

Marcel_Sokolo1 by Level 3
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We have a Windows 2003 Enterprise SP2 server that crashed and the minidump shows the faulting process_name as vxpal.exe.  I'm not a Veritas administrator or expert but I looked this up and it is a Veritas Provider Access Layer file.  We're running V3...

wsmith05 by Not applicable
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hello guys, i need help!!

can sum one pls help me with the following as i've been thro thousands of forums and try'd all the steps diffrent ppl has posted...this is the error i'm getting... "Please insert overwritable media into the drive.Overwritable media includes scratch, ...

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Moving storage exec into cluster environment

Hi, I am moving a storage exec implementation from a single windows 2003 server environment to a cluster setup. Is there any tools to migrate the policies to the new setup. What is the best way to approach this. Regards,Peter

pgala2003 by Not applicable
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Unable to bring a disk from error to online state.

Helo Experts I am using Solaris 10(2005) on intel machine. I have installed Veritas Volume manager 5.0. I am unable to bring error to online state. When i used # vxdisksetup -i c0t0d0      #### it shownVxvm vxdisksetup error V-5-2-3628 the dmpnode c0...

kool by Level 3
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can HDLM and DMP 5.0 can co-exist? What is the advantage of migrating from HDLM to VxVM DMP 5.0. HDS is providing centralised management console (HGLM)  to monitor and manage HDLM  and symantec provides any sort of centralized management console for ...

VxVM 3.2 - Need Volume Clear Method

Hey Guys,I have Veritas 3.2 on Solaris Sparc. I had a disk crash and ended up moving affected home files to a different volume.I replaced the disk and all volumes and plexes are back with the exception of the home1 volume:v  home1        -           ...

Veritas Volume Replicator configuration for Oracle RAC

Hi,Does anyone know how to setup Veritas Volume Replicator for Oracle RAC running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Please let me know the steps, if anyone know or if anyone has document. you can send it to {removed} Regards,Shreeram Rane [Edited: Removed...

Shreeram by Level 3
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Can't remove Disk from System

On Windows Server 2003 with SF 4.3, i have the problem that i cant remove disks.All disks reside in the "BasicGroup" and have no volume configured.vxdisk status looks like this :C:\>vxdisk listName             MediaName   Diskgroup         DiskStyle ...

Remove Subdisk without offlining Volume

   Want to remove backupd04    c7t2d10s2 from the volume below (backupvol).It is in the diskgroup, but not being used in the volume.If I do a:vxdg -g backupdg -k rmdisk  backupd04Will that mess up my volume?Disk group: backupdgDG NAME         NCONFIG...