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Identifying IO bottlenecks

I am looking for utilities to identify IO bottlenecks on RH ES 3 servers running Volume Manager 4.0.  I read a little about the vgstat command.  Are there other VM commands that can identify bottlenecks and throughput to disks?  Any links and documen...

jhkcmo by Not applicable
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RPC server is not avaialbe

There were several message posted on this problem before but none of them have an answer. May be someone would be able to help me:getting an error message when trying to run any reports (or even view properties of any report): RPC server is not avail...

Storage Foundation for RHEL 5

Hi All,  I'm trying to find a copy of Storage Foundation Basic that will run on RedHat Enterprise 5.The info on the web sites suggest I need SF Basic 4.1MP4 to run on RHEL5. But the downloads only give you a version for RHEL4! Does anyone know where ...

SFHA Issue

I am setting up a demo system for a customer.  We are getting a crash on the cluster wizard; the error message states: "Faulting application VCW.exe, version, faulting module oleaut32.dll, version 5.2.3790.1830, fault address 0x00004cad."We...

Douglas_Snyder by Level 5
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SFRAC does not configuration failed

I installed SFRAC 5.0 MP1 & CP1 on HPUX 11i, but SFRAC configuration failed.Error log is below.Starting SFRAC: 0%   ______________________________________________ sh: 14873 Memory fault(coredump)sh: 19328 Memory fault(coredump)    Starting SFRAC: 100...

Kim_Chun by Level 3
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Solaris 10 install error

Hello all,I downloaded the VFS suite (sxrt5.0x64_x86_5.0x64a.dvd1.tar) from the Symantec site and uploaded it to my Solaris 10 server. After untarring it on a local drive, I am unable to install.  If I try ./installer as the documentation says, I get...

Unable to fsck volumke after read errors reported

We had a number of errors reported on one volume, example: vxvm:vxio: Plex v_vol1 block 384824336: Uncorrectable read error DBA's also noticed a problem with one of the datafiles, we unmount the filesystem and attempted to run an fsck but hit the fol...

2007 by Not applicable
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Storage Exec 5.3 Quotas Disappeared

I have Storage Exec ver. 5.3 running in a W2k3 SP1, Microsoft Cluster environment.Over the last year or so, I have created over 200 user quotas and last Thursday, after rebooting the server for our regular maintenance night, all those quotas are gone...

Unable to initialize a /dev/cciss disk

Hello all,I'm having problems initialize disks on an HP server using a Compaq Smart Array 6i controller on RHEL 4 ES Update4 x86_65 and Storage Foundation 5.0 MP2 Enterprise.I set them up as hardware RAID in the controller, then Volume Manger can see...

GT4NE1 by Level 3
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What is Q19082H.sf_ha.dvd1.

Anyone know the difference between these two version?Q19082H.sf_ha.dvd1.'m assuming sf_ha.dvd1. is MP1?  What does the Q19082H stand for on the other one?...

GT4NE1 by Level 3
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% Used Field while in VEM

We are running Storage Foundation for Windows ver  I noticed that though one of our drives has 400GB free on a 800GB volume, Storage Foundation is showing 99% used on all the member disks (concatenated).  Can someone englighten me as to wh...

Windows Volume Manager........via Command line

Hi, I am trying to figure out VM in Windows.  Now, I want to learn how to do it in CLI.  When I got to create a DG, I get this error:C:\>vxdg -g emc-r5 init Harddisk6 Harddisk7 Harddisk8Failed to complete the operation...e5030488:Thanx in advance for...

Madur0 by Level 3
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I would like to setup some extra (eventlog) monitoring on the server, because now the alerting, is only working is the mailserver is available.Unfortunately VCS does not use its own eventlog, but the standard Windows eventlogs. Has anyone already set...

Bert_S_ by Not applicable
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Apache Agent

Hi everybody,    my system setup is Veritas 5.0, geographical single cluster redundancy.One of the Agents in the configuration is monitoring the Apache Server.Recently i faced the following error:------------------------------------------------------...

How to bring back disk under veritas control

Hi, After a problem with a disk array and after getting disk array back up, the disks are in state "online invalid". Because of this it is not possible to import disk groups. Is there a way to bring back disks under veritas control without losing the...

Juha_2 by Level 2
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SFHA 5.0 for Windows and ExtremeZ-IP

Hi all,We have decided to move from MSCS to SFHA 5.0 on our file server. Since we have Mac users we use ExtremeZ-IP. When I try installing ExtremeZ-IP I get message saying that there is no cluster available. So ExtremeZ-IP doesn't recognize SFHA as a...

SFHA 5.0 MP2 Linux_x86_64 trialware excluded SFRAC

The tarball I downloaded "sf_ha.dvd1." from SYMC does contain SF,SFHA,SFbasic,CFS,CFSHA,SFORACLE,SFORACLEHA,SFDB2 and the new SFCFSRAC but excluded the SFRAC (SF for oracle rac). I already obtained a demo key for SFRAC 5.0 ...

YF_Hui by Level 2
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VCS and HP NIC teaming

Hello, I am having some weird problems with my VCS. I have two DL380G5 new servers. new OS 64-bit install. when I installed Storage Foundation, the server I was installing from hung and I had to do a hard reset a few hours later. ever since I install...

ymash by Not applicable
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