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VxVM: Understanding the V-5-2-43 error message

Level 4

The vxdisksetup command enables you to configure a disk for use with Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM). When using the vxdisksetup command, the following message may appear:

ERROR V-5-2-43 address: Invalid disk device for vxdisksetup

This message is displayed when:

  • You provide an invalid device name.
  • You use VxVM on Solaris, you have applied Solaris patch 147440-20 or later, and you use the vxdisksetup -i command. In this environment, disk initialization fails. (If the system uses Solaris patch 147440-19 or earlier, vxdisksetup -i works correctly.)

This solution applies to VxVM version 5.1SP1 and later:

  • If you entered the device name incorrectly, make sure that you specify the correct, existing device name. If the issue persists, use the following command to rescan the devices in the operating system device tree:
    # vxdisk scandisks

This solution applies to VxVM version 5.1SP1RP3 and later:

  • If the system includes Solaris patch 1474440-20 or later, do one of the following: