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Symantec System Recovery 2011 and SSD Migration.....

Level 5

I was curious if either Symantec System Recovery 2011  or Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 could be used to migrate from a platter-based HD over to an SSD without affecting partition alignment and other issues that can appear when performing this task.

Many say that only a fresh install assures this however there are tools available that can fix an alignment issue on a migrated drive. Also, all of the settings made to a Windows installation "out-of-the-box" can be completed on a migrated system manually post-install such as enabling TRIM and disabling Windows services, etc.

Just to add, Windows XP and 2003 Server did not create aligned partitions on installation so drives by default will not perform to their potential without alignment, which can result in a loss of 10-20% of a drives performance. I know Paragon has an Alignment Tool that can run a check to see if your partitions are aligned so I'd suggest all out there look into this as a side note......



Afaik BESR does a block level copy of the data.