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Clearwell Dashboard Metrics on Family Level instead of Item

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I have a client who is running daily metrics to track their reviewer progress in Clearwell.

However, it seems that there is no good way to pull back the number of tagged/not tagged documents on the family level.  They can only get stats at the item level, which really isnt accurate for their purposes.

Since they have chosen to tag at the family level, and track their progress by families/documents, getting stats at the item level is confusing.

Am i missing something in the Review Dashboard functions? 

Otherwise we have to manually go to each folder in clearwell and search that folder and manually create the stats for tagged/not tagged per reviewer.

This is obviously not ideal.

Anybody have suggestions/workaround?


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

I have not tried this but..... If you set the data to Messages and loose files instead of All items i believe that displats the document families instead of the items


Test and let me know